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Mar. 6, 2010

Procrastination a.k.a. Book Review from Hell - Part II

.......continued from (Procrastination a.k.a. Book Review from Hell - Part I)

After several more months, I still didn’t ‘get it’ and either did my friend who lent it to me. Though she was more than patient, I could easily ascertain her eagerness to reclaim her book. I kept telling her ‘I was almost done’.

Lie. I had barely made a dent in it.

Meanwhile, my head was still swimming in the knowledge that most people I knew who had read this series were so enthralled that they couldn’t put them down until they were done. Most within a week.

What the h*ll was wrong with me? Why wasn’t I reaping the same rewarding feeling?

It must have been mid 2009 when I finally read the last page of book three.

I still felt unsatisfied. And neglectful. I’m sure there were Anne Rule (True Crime) books that needed some attention, a documentary worth reading, an outdated celebrity rag that I had ignored. (I did slip in Waiter Rant which took all of two days to read. Loved it).

I borrowed book four (Breaking Dawn) from my friend Dana, another Bunco babe. She obviously hadn’t caught wind of my ‘way too long to borrow a book from a friend you loser’ reputation and graciously handed me her prized book.

I really, really tried hard to get into this book. I’d have a cocktail before breaking it open, thinking that would help my mind open up to such inanity. No dice.

Nothing kept my interest. I’d carry with me everywhere, desperately trying to trudge through it. My husband thoughtfully encouraged me to ‘just Google it and find out what happened’ in order to put me out of my literal misery.

NO, I cried. I will not be defeated by this! I will read it to the last word if it kills me! It was more than a challenge now, it was the principle.

He just sighed and mumbled something about ‘crazy’ or ‘wacko’.

Well friends, I finished the crack series last week. Officially 2+ years after I started.

I feel like I have my life back. A huge weight has been lifted and no more feelings of dread, accompanied by that old college procrastination to deal with.

I am free. I will crawl back into my predictable, non-fiction world and stay clear of what I now know I will NEVER understand. I am probably the one person on earth (who read the books) who completely loathed them.

Never again.

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KO... I tried to read them after all my friends "sucked" them down like soda pop... and my own 12 year old daughter literally had me driving to the book store as she read the final pages of her books 1-3. I began the book on the plane to maybe 2 chapters of book 1 and put it down. It wasn't for me either... it seems so.....highschool?? I couldn't figure out why so many were so enthralled??? I think I'm just way to literal and realistic to get into them? Your not alone my friend!! I did grab my Anne Rule at the gift shop to get me through the rest of my trip :0)


I love Chistian's "just Google it" approach. That's a true male "it's not about the journey, it's about achieving the end result" attitude.

So, what are you reding now?


You deserve a medal for even attempting these books - from what I have heard, they are dire! There is too much good reading out there so my advice is, never believe the hype - go with your gut instinct. Have you read Lionel Shriver's "We need to talk about Kevin" - that'll keep you reading it every spare sec.


Jo, you gave me that book and I 'loved' it. It was quite intense but wonderfully written.

WLW - I just read The Road in about an hour. I literally couldn't put it down!


I'm just wondering - is there anything wrong with a reviewer saying, "I just couldn't stand this book and quit reading it because it was a waste of my time?"
I started reading one of Ivan Doig's books sometime in the past year because I had read wonderful things about his works and it was so bad (like a man's Harlequin)that I just put it in my give away pile. Some books just aren't worth the effort.
However, I have to say I admire you for your determination to stick to your promise. From now on, you've got to have a clause somewhere that says you're free to quit if you just can't stomach it. Life is too short to read rotten fiction!


Kristine, I was one of those who just "had" to read the whole series. I liked the books but it took me a long time to finish them. I appreciate your book reviews, so keep them coming....Anna


Sonja - no harm in quitting, I just didn't want to sort of because I was attempting to change my attitude and just SEE if I could get into them. Then, it became a lame challenge!


You're not the only one out there,Thank God I didn't make any promise because I haven't even batter to read any of them.Maybe one day when I have nothing better to do or read :)


Yay Laura!!
But what does 'batter' mean anyway? Is that some naughty word in spanish? : )

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