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Oct. 15, 2009

Flu Vaccine

As most people who know me well know that I don’t get myself or my kids vaccinated for the flu (bring on the boos). My personal reasons include that I feel getting the flu is part of life and when...

Oct. 10, 2006

Julia Frances Watson

Right on schedule, (oh, the OB’s of course), I had a c-section last Wed. to welcome baby Julia Frances Watson into the family. Surgery went better than I had expected (how could it not due to the last one...

Sep. 30, 2006

BEDREST? For Four Days?

After taking Alec to pre-school on Friday, I had quite the day; though not unlike most of my days since he started school. I went to Starbucks and got my Grande, 1/2 decaf, 1%, 2-pump, vanilla latte (I do live...

Sep. 20, 2006

General Bitching

Well, it’s official. I’m ready to NOT BE PREGNANT anymore. That’s right. I’m done. I mean it. I’m concerned that if I brush up against a scratchy surface, I will pop. Seriously. I have exactly two weeks until my scheduled...

Sep. 17, 2006

Diaper Dilemma – Disposable Or Cloth?

When I was first pregnant with Alec, my husband and I discussed the things that were important to one or both of us. Christian was adamant that we not circumcise and I hadn’t an opinion either way so we didn’t....

Sep. 5, 2006

First Day Of Pre-School

So, after much anticipation and many sleepless nights (oh, including last night as my thoughtful husband thought I could use another two hours of worrying in the middle of night by WAKING me up because I was bothering HIS sleep....

Sep. 1, 2006

Baby Name Poll Results: Now We're Really Undecided!

Thanks to everyone who voted in our baby name poll. It appears the overwhelming favorites are: Brooke Elisabeth and Amelia May. The funny thing is we kinda just threw in some middle names as we hadn’t thought of any for...

Aug. 28, 2006

Help Us Choose A Name

My husband and I are having a tough time agreeing on a name for Alec's baby sister, soon to arrive. Though I have spent countless (actually I'd say exactly 12) hours studying numerous baby name books and finding 34 names...

Aug. 21, 2006

Wanted: Sleep. And Other Pregnancy Beefs

Just as I lost my energy and healthy appetite at about 16 weeks of pregnancy, discussed HERE, now I’m looking to buy, borrow or steal some sleep – please. At 33 weeks now, I can no longer sleep without the...

Aug. 1, 2006

Is The Party Almost Over?

My husband and I were enjoying our lazy Saturday and Sunday morning in bed this past weekend while a nice breeze came in through the window, drapery flowing. It was about 9:00am. Where was Alec? In bed of course....

Jul. 15, 2006

I’m Sorry I’m Not Fat

Oh, o.k. Yes, I’m terribly sorry I’m not fat. What am I supposed to say to those who scream "you’re so small"? I’m at spinning class yesterday and am at the point I can’t hide the fact that I’m pregnant...

Jul. 9, 2006

Have a Baby! You Can Be 9 or 63. Really!

Think your biological clock is ticking? Nope. You've apparently got 20+ years even if you're already 40! 63-year old (some reports state her age at 62 but she turned 63 just prior to her son's birth) Patricia Rashbrook, the...

Jun. 20, 2006

The Wingdome

I’ve decided that tonight is the night. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of months now and decided I’ve got to do it now. No more putting it off. I’m skipping a step aerobics class that I basically...

Jun. 13, 2006

Top Five Parenthood Resources

Now that baby #2 is due in less than four months, my husband and I find ourselves back at sqaure one as far as making preparations for her arrival are concerned. We'd forgotten most details about what to expect during...

Jun. 2, 2006

Children's Names

Why does every parent think everyone else’s choice in naming their children is just plain abhorrent? Makes me laugh as my husband and I do the same thing …..we’re dying to hear about what others are going to name their...

May. 31, 2006

Ultrasound Follow Up - with Dr. God

So, I had my follow-up 21 week ultrasound per Dr. God’s recommendation. Not very eventful which is a good thing when your doctor is looking for abnormalities with your unborn babe....

May. 21, 2006

Dos and Don'ts With Boiled Eggs

Pregnancy cravings? No. What I could stomach during weeks 6-10? Yes. Not feeling so great during weeks 6-10ish became all about what I could get down the hatch. I didn't really buy into the cravings thing as I didn't...

May. 2, 2006

Brother or Sister?

Apparently more people read Lucky Mom than I realized as the last sentence in the prior post mentioned that we know the sex of the pending babe. I received quite a few phone calls and e-mails about this along with...

Apr. 29, 2006

There IS a God!

I swear I got up yesterday with full intent (or at least pretty much a lot of intent) to go through with the amnio. Though I had very odd dreams for much of the night, I had decided it made...

Apr. 27, 2006

Amniocentesis - Pros and Cons

So, I’m down to 18 hours pre-amnio and I’m still unsure and a bit uneasy about going through with this pre-natal procedure. The pros, the cons, the negotiating in my head about it. Am I really going to wait until...

Apr. 25, 2006


I hope someone can help me find my energy and normal appetite again ‘cause I can’t seem to find them. Just as I yacked on about being a mature (old) mommy, I realized “hey, I’m 16 weeks prego now and...

Apr. 21, 2006

"MATURE Mommy"

I have to laugh at the term “mature” though I know it’s true. Anyone over the age of 35 that decides to (or well, just does) get pregnant falls into a ‘high risk’ category. If you’re audacious enough to be...

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