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Feb. 14, 2012

Disney World

Wow! I'd been nervous about taking my kids to Disney Anything for a few years. I was sure I'd lose them to the overseas child porn trade or one would nose dive off a ride and die in front of...

Sep. 1, 2010

R.I.P. Fish

My daughter Julia doesn’t believe it was an accident. It was. I swear. Though I bitched and whined when my husband brought home the fish and tank, I slowly grew attached to them. When he gave up caring for them...

Dec. 2, 2009

I Had An Affair With Tiger

O.k. not true; he called but I never returned his call. Here we go again. Another famous, rich, talented person 'apologizing' for his actions. This requires me to climb back up onto my soapbox to complain, bitch and ridicule. So,...

Aug. 2, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I was getting all ready to take care of my NEW BABY (swimming pool) complete with ensuring the proper water chlorination, pH level, learning to ‘Backwash’, Acid Demand etc. when my husband did something very...

Jul. 22, 2009

Happy 40th

My darling husband turned 40 years old today. Finally. I never really liked being older than him (not cougar older) which I can't change but at least his wife isn't 40 something while he was still in his 30's any...

Jun. 15, 2009

Swimming Pool Progress - f/k/a, Life Is Good

Thankfully the pool is coming along nicely as it's 100 degrees lately and the neighborhood pools are getting waaaay overcrowded. After my husband and I returned Sunday from our lovely 7th anniversary weekend 20 hours away, we took the kids...

May. 20, 2009

Life Is Good - Part Uno

My wet er, sorry, I mean pool dreams are coming true. We are getting a fu*%ing pool! I'm sick with excitement and can barely hold onto my composure. So much so, that the poor contractors have had to repeatedly deal...

Apr. 12, 2009

Egg Hunt

Last year was the first year we took Alec (and Julia) to the annual Steiner Ranch Easter Egg Hunt. When the horn went off and everybody stampeded, Alec got a bit overwhelmed and kinda decided to bag it. Julia;...

Mar. 13, 2009

Seattle or Austin?

It was two years ago that my family and I moved from Seattle to Austin. We researched where in the world we should live based on our two top priorities: Sun and child friendly/safe. All of our research pointed to...

Sep. 7, 2008

Techie Shopper or?

My sweet husband can be such a topic of humor whether he realizes it or not. He offered to go to the grocery store today. Doesn’t sound so odd right? Well, it is. My husband always likes to appear helpful...

Aug. 5, 2008

England – Part 1

Ah…charming Southern England. A very picturesque place with rolling green fields, ‘mild’ weather and the delightful sound of the English accent being heard all around. As I’m finally coming out of a jet-lagged, stupor whirlwind trip abroad, I’m finally able...

May. 30, 2008

The Sick House

Hey, want to come over to our house? Probably not if you know what’s good for your health. It’s actually become funny it’s so ridiculous. Synopsis of the fun:...

Apr. 9, 2008


Is it love or just infatuation? We’re so ‘in love’ with Austin we can barely stand it. Is it real or a government experiment (you know like the Dharma Initiative on Lost?) Being the realist pessimist, I’m kinda waiting for...

Dec. 22, 2007

'Christmas Crackers'

Christmas Crackers? Who knew? My British mother-in-law sent our family several gifts this year to include a large box of crackers. Three rows of what appeared to be identically wrapped crackers. My first thought was 'Wow, that’s sure a...

Nov. 2, 2007

Poop Privacy Hypocrisy

I realize most parents probably don’t go around telling people about their lack of bathroom privacy beefs or that it is 100% certain that 1+ child will always follow you into the bathroom regardless of the business you must attend...

Oct. 25, 2007

Congratulations Alex & Daren

My husband became an uncle today for the first time as his sister Alex, living in Sydney, Australia with her husband Daren, had a baby girl. Congrats to the happy couple! My husband and I discussed how becoming a parent...

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