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May. 12, 2011

Wining/Dining/Dating – Senior Style

It’s been one year since my mother has caused me to shudder in horror re-entered the dating scene. She’s now 72.66 and apparently after one year of this, somewhat disturbing new hobby she’s quite proficient. As noted in Senior Citizen...

Nov. 20, 2010

The Anti-Hoarder

I’ve been getting rather anxious lately as the holidays are upon us and I know what that means. No, not eating too much, more STUFF will be coming into my house. I’m constantly cleaning OUT my house. I’m a regular...

Feb. 14, 2009

Glitter is Evil

With Valentine’s Day being celebrated in schools across the country this past week, I really only have one question: Who created glitter and more importantly - why? It’s worse than confetti, play dough, garland and any other stupid, messy, sticky...

Feb. 3, 2008

Where's My Mom?

Weird things are happening ‘round these parts and it’s becoming a bit unsettling. My mom moved to the Austin area when we did and bought herself a nice, modest home in a large community around folks very similar to her....

Dec. 22, 2007

'Christmas Crackers'

Christmas Crackers? Who knew? My British mother-in-law sent our family several gifts this year to include a large box of crackers. Three rows of what appeared to be identically wrapped crackers. My first thought was 'Wow, that’s sure a...

Nov. 2, 2007

Poop Privacy Hypocrisy

I realize most parents probably don’t go around telling people about their lack of bathroom privacy beefs or that it is 100% certain that 1+ child will always follow you into the bathroom regardless of the business you must attend...

Aug. 22, 2007

Bug Battle Continues - Scorpions

Ah…so I was going to write about my son’s 4 year-old fraudulent birthday ‘party’ last Saturday but decided I’d write about something more titillating first. I don’t mean to beat this bug battle to death but I found a dead...

Jul. 4, 2007

Rabid Wolf Spider

Hey kids, look what greeted me this morning when I got up! That’s right, meet our new friend or possibly even a new member of our family (depending on how it goes). His name is Rabid Wolf Spider and...

Aug. 24, 2006

CABBAGE: Check or Carry On Baggage?

One of Alec’s Grandmas (my Mom) left yesterday after spending nine days with us. Though Alec was very sad to see her leave, he was assured that she would be back in a few weeks (along with a baby...

Jul. 3, 2006

Weird Stuff - Part II

O.k. it’s time for Weird Stuff - Part II, I think. As you’ll recall from Weird Stuff - Part I, I apparently have several idiosyncrasies (I like to say ‘exotic preferences' or some other sexy word combo) - things I...

Apr. 19, 2006

Weird Stuff - Part I

I was reading one of my favorite daily websites about other moms and stuff and one in particular, Busy Mom (who demands organization in her refrigerator – she IS my kinda gal!) reminded me of some of my own weirdness...

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