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Dec. 2, 2009

I Had An Affair With Tiger

O.k. not true; he called but I never returned his call. Here we go again. Another famous, rich, talented person 'apologizing' for his actions. This requires me to climb back up onto my soapbox to complain, bitch and ridicule. So,...

Sep. 7, 2009

Least Stressful City To Live In

I always find it interesting when I read articles about the best city for singles, or worst city for unemployment, housing price drops etc. It seems one article says you must live in city 'X' due to the wonderful...

Jun. 28, 2009

Hypocrisy Makes Me Vomit

This past week has been pretty sad for our old icons. We knew Farrah wasn't doing well, Michael appeared to not be doing so well and Billy Mays appeared to be perfectly fine. What I want to go on a...

Jan. 21, 2009

A Good Day

Yesterday was quite the day. We officially got our new president. He’s black. He’s young. Energetic, handsome and smart. At least it appears so. Most people seem pretty happy and are excited about the new direction our country will hopefully...

Dec. 15, 2008


What IS going on? First off, as I recently droned on about how we live in this insanely safe neighborhood, we end up with a murder right here at our brand new swanky neighborhood steakhouse. A 27 year old male...

Nov. 11, 2008

Airports and Grocery Stores

It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that’ moments when I read an article on about designating airport security lines for families. I’m sure families and those travelling solo will both be thrilled. Now, if only...

Oct. 9, 2008


A very, very, very rare political comment. By me. I’m not one who would ever put up a political sign in a front yard or place a bumper sticker announcing my political prefrences on my car though I may chat...

Aug. 29, 2008

David Duchovney

Riiight. David Duchoveny has an addiction and has safely run to rehab in order to heal himself. So, breaking it down, David: a. Cheated and got caught b. Cheated and knows he's going to get caught c. Loves porn a...

Jul. 13, 2008

July 11th

I did something weird July 11th. I’m so not a ‘line’ person as in with the exception of waiting my turn to ride a Sea-Doo or a killer ride at Disneyland, nothing to me, is worth standing in an idle...

Jun. 25, 2008


I’m all about child safety. Obviously. Again, obviously. I can see life threatening potential in pretty much everything which is why I’m still bitter over spending bank on a ‘professional home child proofer’ in Seattle. I could have taught her...

Jun. 13, 2008


I'm kind of in mourning. I LOVED Tim Russert and am sad he is gone. Died today after collapsing from what appears to be a heart attack. He was NBC's Washington Bureau Chief though many people knew him best as...

Apr. 27, 2008

Mother Nature

M.N. can be one mean bit*h. Just as I was droning on about how much we dig Austin with the exception of some bugs and bumper grazing drivers, I had no idea what could really turn into some scary sh*t....

Jul. 4, 2007

Rabid Wolf Spider

Hey kids, look what greeted me this morning when I got up! That’s right, meet our new friend or possibly even a new member of our family (depending on how it goes). His name is Rabid Wolf Spider and...

Jan. 10, 2007

Understanding Babies' Cries

For those moms who are Oprah followers, this is not exactly a news flash as Priscilla Dunstan, a mom from Australia was on a couple months ago with her “Secret Language of Babies” story. It also repeated a million times....

Nov. 4, 2006

Political Ads – Make it Stop

As I’ve been a bit house bound lately with a small human attached to me (literally), I’ve had my face directed at ‘the box’ for which I have exactly 5 channels. (Don’t try to make sense of it, we’re freaks...

Sep. 28, 2006

Small Weight Gain Between Pregnancies Risky

This is an interesting study reported in the British medical journal, The Lancet. The researchers examined records of more than 150,000 Swedish women who delivered two children between 1992 and 2001. They found that women who gain as little as...

Sep. 26, 2006

Mom Gave Dope To Infant Daughter

I’m not easily shocked or even mildly surprised by pretty much anything. I’ve read one too many true crime books to know that people do odd things. Or in other words, unexplainable, uncomprehensible, weird sh*t. However, this little bit of...

Sep. 4, 2006

"Crocodile Hunter" Killed By Stingray

Wow, I’m bummed. I really enjoyed Steve Irwin, age 44, the Australian “Crocodile Hunter” and conservationist. He was filming an underwater documentary off the Great Barrier Reef when he was killed by a Stingray that punctured his heart. He...

Aug. 10, 2006

Terrorist Plot Foiled

Sigh. Thankfully the British government along with some Pakistani authorities foiled the plans of the 24 individuals, aged 17-34 who planned to blow up 10 US airplanes with materials they were going to brew up while on board the...

Jul. 25, 2006

Poor Peter Cook

Huh. So 47 year-old Peter Cook is SORRY. How sweet. For those who don't know who I'm referring to - Christie Brinkley's cheating husband. Maybe we should all feel sorry for him. He’s “contrite, “sorry” and “stupid”. According to him...

Jul. 9, 2006

Have a Baby! You Can Be 9 or 63. Really!

Think your biological clock is ticking? Nope. You've apparently got 20+ years even if you're already 40! 63-year old (some reports state her age at 62 but she turned 63 just prior to her son's birth) Patricia Rashbrook, the...

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