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Apr. 19, 2006

Weird Stuff - Part I

I was reading one of my favorite daily websites about other moms and stuff and one in particular, Busy Mom (who demands organization in her refrigerator – she IS my kinda gal!) reminded me of some of my own weirdness that she and others are sharing so freely.

Why shouldn’t I? I’m not afraid or embarrassed. Well, sorta embarrassed but I’ve had worse things happen to me lately so why not?!

  1. I must have my closet organized by color and season (though color is the primary criteria ‘cause what if it’s a warmish fall evening and the sleeveless ‘summer’ top would still work?) Due to the overlap I’m considering a color-only organizational system.
  2. I can see a spider within a ½ mile. No matter the size just that it is an arthropod.
  3. I am more than afraid of spiders. Wrap a snuggly snake around my neck any day but don’t let a spider within 100 feet of me or I’ll froth at the mouth due to a moderately intense seizure.
  4. If I’m lucky enough to have my house cleaned by an actual housecleaner (v. me) I can’t have them go near my bed as I’m afraid they will have some type of cleaner residue on their hands and I don’t want that touching my sheets, pillows etc.
  5. My son is toast if he ever wants to be masculine due to my overzealous safety neurosis touched on here. I still find myself walking him down the stairs holding his hand.
  6. I’ll pay a ridiculous amount of $$ for my son’s shoes but insist on getting most his coats from consignment. It’s a wash right? My husband ‘agrees’ because he better.
  7. Toothbrushes. I cannot understand leaving one’s toothbrush out, say, in a toothbrush holder ON the bathroom counter. I realize it needs to dry properly but what about hairspray or other cleaning substances (again, see #4) being sprayed around it? Ew!
  8. I CANNOT reuse a loofa sponge if my husband (or anyone else for that matter) used it! Other’s dead skin cells on my sponge? I tremble just at the thought of it.

That's all I feel like admitting to today. Love to hear of others out there. Do share!

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Totally relate to the sheets/bed issue. Traveling around Europe was sometimes a challenge as they do not use fitted sheets or top sheets! Sometimes I had to sleep with one eye open to be sure my sheet didn't come untucked! 'Cause mattress pads are also pretty rare!


Most of those things I would never even think to worry about. How do you sleep at night. I am just happy that my sheets are clean, the actual cleaner used would never cross my mind.


Lisa - I sleep great knowing no one has touched my bed with their scary hands marred by bathroom cleaner!


Ok so I have to admit I too hate spiders and totally freak out if I think there may be one lurking anywhere near my whereabouts! I actually make my husband remove any such creature should one be found by me. If it is found by him on the otherhand, he feels it necessary to take the darn thing outside and "release" it back into the wilderness! I really don't get that action nor do I really like the whole idea! Anyhow, as long as I can't see it I really don't care.

As for the sheets... I have a very close girlfriend that works for a very high end hotel chain and she has always recommended that you request a new set of sheets to be brought to your room (for you to put on the bed yourself or observe the maid putting them on them on the bed herself). Evidentally, it is very common that sheets aren't changed between one nighter guests....especially when LAZY maids are in charge of busy weeks, or days at hotels. Talk about yucky! Can you imagine sleeping on someone elses sheets....oh my! Now think about that for a moment...when was the last time you stayed at a hotel last, oh yeah Spring break...? Did you check out YOUR sheet situation??? ALWAYS ask for new fresh sheets! Happy travels...



Oh no! Now I'll have to add your comment about maids actually NOT changing the sheets to my list! I think I'm going to be sick right now.


oh my god! i have to add to my list of neurosis too now, with the sheet thing! ugh! most of the times i've spent at hotels have been for "romantic" get aways, as are many peoples. I cringe to think about what was left over from the previous guests....... i think i'll bring my own from home from now on, ha! could you imagine!
as far as the toothbrushes being left out, add to the list of stray particals, the "fecal bacteria" that can spray however many feet from the toilet when flushed. i am neurotic about putting the lid down first but i know my husband couldn't give a damn! i change out my toothbrushes often, like my dish sponges. weekly if i can.
speaking of sponges, still the dish kind girls, not the other..... they MUST be rinsed and wrung out AFTER every use, my mom used to wipe something up and just set it back, then rinse it before use, so all that yuck was just sitting there festering away till it got rinsed away (yah right). yuck!
i have so many more too, i'll catch up with you again when you have part II.


i love that you have the vomit clean up kit right at the bottom!


HI there finally I am not alone in this world. I am OCD and I drive my husband absolutely nuts when things are not in the same spot. Besides my kitchen cabinets being organized, I like the DVD's and books alphabetized as well. Am I to obsessed with this?

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Neat blog, some interesting details. I believe 8 of days ago, I have found a similar post. Does anyone know how to track future posts?

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