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Mar. 21, 2006

The BIG Rock

My son Alec was is in a co-op preschool (no longer – long story I may share later) as I wanted to be involved and watch him during school hours. This particular school is 2/week for his age and I could ‘drop off’ one of the two days while working in the class the other.

Well, my story on this is one I wasn’t going to admit to anyone but my husband but as I can’t keep a very good secret (when it comes to myself) I’m going to ‘publicly admit it’ as my husband begged me to tell others as he said it proved “I’m a nutcase”.

It was a Tuesday, my drop off day. I wanted to go the gym for a quick workout while Alec was at school BUT I had nightmares the night before about this BIG ROCK that was part of the exhibit in the Science room. All I could think of was some bigger kid pitching that rock into the side of Alec’s head and Alec dropping to the floor – dead. I would get a call at the gym advising me of this and to come immediately to pick up my dead son. (I’m SO NOT kidding here).

SO, in order to get my workout in, I signed my son in at school and snuck into the Science room and HID the darned boulder until I returned! It worked! No one noticed the rock gone and more importantly, no one FOUND the rock. My son lived and I got in my workout! Tell me others do this kind of thing too – please! Really. Please!

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Wow! I have to say that is too funny! There is nothing wrong with providing your son with a safe environment, everything in moderation!

Looking forward to more!


Donna K. - Ha! I knew it was 'normal'! Yes, I like that. A safe environment. That's all I was doing was protecting my son. Nothing neurotic here!


This sounds like a sitcom plot line about some paranoid mom. But in my version, she would get caught, have to admit to her neurotic delusions and the other moms would just laugh and say "oh, that crazy Kristine, what will she do next?". Then they would just put the silly rock away till the "nutcase", (your words, not mine), came back to pick up the kid.


And you WONDER why I call her "Bubblewrap"!!!


Pam - that version doesn't sound so bad actually since they didn't drag it back to the vicinity of my kid and instead put it away!


I think you are one of the most neurotic women I have ever met. That said, I meant that with love. I share all the "Kristine" stories with my playgroup moms.

Are you also going to tell the story of how you have to safety proof the babysitting room before you’ll join any fitness club?


Wow, I am impressed. Nice job!! I hope all goes well, as I would hate to see you "hit the cement".
If and when I use those retailers on line, I will difinatly do it from your site.


Your site is beautiful and I look forward to enjoying it as well as sharing it everyday! Thanks to Jen (the BEST massage in the world) for forwarding me the info!


again, i'm with you. I have reaccuring nightmares about the stroller getting loose and rolling down the hill, out into traffic, or into a ditch, across the railroad, etc. (this is a realistic fear since, my son, at 10 weeks rocketed off of the front porch one beautiful morning, in his stroller. I had failed to put the break on while I turned back to shut the door, and who knew? the porch had a slope to it, and off he went. I turned back just in time to see the stroller bounce down the 4 concrete steps, tip over and my son plop out onto the sidewalk. he was screaming and bleeding from the mouth, but then promptly went back to sleep. I tweeked. Concussion? Brain damage? I drove him to the Dr. calling ahead to see if i should just go to the nearest Fire Dept. on the way i got a flat tire, and was stranded on the side of the road, BAWLING, and pleading that baby didn't die. baby still sleeping, but bleeding a bit. A police officer came along, called the medic and then moved my van out of the way, locking the keys inside as he did it. the nurse from my doctors office came down prepared to rescue me, then my husband showed up, then two aid cars, and a fire truck, a neighbor and a local business friend. All this time the Mukilteo ferry traffic was having to make it's way around me. I finally got baby to the Dr. and he had only torn his Freenum (sp?) the little piece of skin that attached your gums to your upper lip. No bumps, No bruises, no concussion, no dieing baby, not even a fat lip. Baby was fine, Mommy needed a Vallum.) So..... now i force anyone that walks with my stroller and baby to wear a strap around thier wrist, incase they trip or accidentally let go, whatever, i'm taking no chances with my precious guy! so, GOOD FOR YOU~ for going with your feeling, you just never know, and you certainly don't want to find out you were right about that rock!


I'm sorry to laugh at all the neurotic mom's out there. I guess I have some neurotic issues I need to deal with myself. I'm convinced my son is going to die of cancer every day as he refuses to touch any fruit or vegetables. I've even got frustrated and tried cramming down them. At least I can sneak them into his fruit shakes. My friends tell me to lay off and I scream at them that he's going to die. At least I get to enjoy my lattes on the park bench and laugh at "you know who."


Joni and Michelle T. - THIS is what I want to hear about! I knew other mommies would come clean with their own neurosis! But Joni - I can completely understand - oh can I! I'm sorry that happened to you! I can see necessary meds on that one!


Joni - didn't you also have to fill out a form or something to prove that there wasn't any child abuse going on?


ok Michelle, since you brought that up..... it was another part of the story, when the neighbor went by the "scene" on the side of the road, i was as i said, BAWLING, with the police officer. after i went to the Dr. we got a full work up of Xrays done, to rule out any broken bones, or small fractures, to know at the time, and also if he ever went back and they discovered old breaks or fractures they would be documented, "in case of child abuse". I wasn't offended I think it was actually great that they took such great care, I mean "who knows?" I know I don't abuse my child but there are lots of children that are abused and they need to find that out and not just trust the parents. Meanwhile, remember the van with the keys locked inside? the police officer and the local business friend had tried for 45 minutes to break in my van, my husband returned and was able to get in. the police officer had him show his ID, then followed him to my home with the van. he had to go into my house and photograph "in case of child abuse", he actually complimented me on my housekeeping! well, since my husband had driven the van home and had left his truck up at the "scene", he had to ride back with the police officer. well, nowadays there are lots of computers and such in the passenger side of police cars, so my husband was put in the back of the police car to ride back. of course, that same neighbor who saw me bawling on the side of the road witnessed this as well..... so you can imagine what my neighborhood was told about the whole thing! We had some explaining to do! yikes~
later that day i brought a huge bouquet of flowers to that nurse who drove down to save me, it was so important to me because SOMEONE was coming to help me, at that point i was alone on the side of the road with my "dieing" baby, terrified, bue someone was coming. she continues to be a great friend at the Dr's office. talk about going above and beyond the call.


Ok, so now I'm feeling left out. I really don't feel as if I have these types of concerns. Is that normal? I mean I have the normal concerns, safety straps on shopping carts (however, I do use my own child protectant seat cover to protect him from germs!), wipe down public highchairs, never touch the handles of public restroom doors use a towel...stuff like that! Oh crap, I guess that typed out in black and white makes me look a little neurotic too! Oops..the secret is out!
However,I have to admit, Kristine...hiding the rock??? You nutty chick you! I have to say that with that story you may have just made yourself the official poster person for Neurotic Moms R US! Ha! Good story anyway!


Cheryl - I think it just shows that we all have our own concerns (neuroses?)as germs don't seem to bother me near as much as physical injury and/or potential death! Agh!


Kristine,I so enjoyed your story.Keep your stories coming,we all need something to smile about.Take care,Bea


Thanks Bea! Glad you enjoyed!


Ok...yes neurotic is the word! However, I too have my own quirky protective techniques. But remember I am also the Mother that let's her 5 year old skateboard at the Big Skate Board parks and ski down Diamond runs! Anyhow....the ROCK! Oh honey....

I still think one of your readers had a fantastic idea. You should write a sitcom. Your Neurotic approach would make a great TV show! I love it! You so make me laugh. The things you think of!

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