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Jun. 28, 2011

Summer "Camps”

Living in Steiner Ranch really can be ‘all inclusive’. As the community is quite large with many, many sub-communities, one doesn’t really have to leave, if so desired – ever.

We have three public elementary schools, a public middle school and two private preschools just within S.R.

Though we already have community centers with pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, we have the UT Golf club, a grocery, gas station, dermatologist, martial arts studios, several dentists, restaurants, gym, doctors, hair salons etc., we are soon to be indulged with a very large grocery chain, Starbucks, more shops, etc.

Steiner also boasts numerous year-round children’s activities, clubs, groups, teams, lessons, classes, troops, tutors, birthday party options and so on.

It’s a parent/child paradise.

But what I find most interesting is that in the summer, there are ‘camps’ you can sign your children up for.

I mean a NEVER ENDING selection of "camps". I’ve never heard of some of them but apparently the ‘camp vendors’ have found that you take your ‘camp’ to Steiner and parents will come.

No matter what it is – IF it fits with mom’s schedule, it’s offered and ‘full’. Oh, but wait, if they become ‘full’, a second ‘camp’ (or more) is immediately offered.

These ‘vendors’ are geniuses. Nothing is more than 2-3 max miles away for snappy drop-off and pick-up.

So, along with the ‘expected’ camps such as soccer, tennis, golf, swim, martial arts, basketball, football, baseball, cheerleading, various art camps, gymnastics, there is also Lego camp, boating camp, Secret Agent Lab, Moving with Science, Red Hot Robots (Alec loved that one), Spy Academy and several other ‘science’ camps, Culinary Camp, Kidventure camp, Academic camps, Sportball camp, music, Hip Hop and several dance camps to name A FEW.

I swear I think (and maybe admit to myself) that no one cares what the h*ll the camp is called or what it entails, IF IT FITS WITH MOM’S SCHEDULE, we’re in.

Cost? No bother, we’ll figure it out later.

I’m just waiting for the ‘shuttle service’ option to come pick up and drop off the kids to save us moms the 2 minute drive to and from ‘camp’.

I have some ideas.

‘nose picking camp’, ‘meth-making camp’, ‘money laundering camp’, ‘learning petty theft camp’, ‘how to lie to your parents successfully camp’, ‘how to bully camp’, ‘watching paint dry camp’, ‘designer jean stealing camp’, ‘TV watching camp’, ‘cheating at school camp’, ‘car theft camp’, ‘gambling with your parents money camp’, ‘booze and candy stealing camp’, ‘how to make the loudest farts camp’, ‘how to sneak into R rated movies camp’, or ‘we can’t think of anything so we’ll just call it a camp, camp’ and they’d be successful!

No, really.

Just one more reason why we love living in Steiner Ranch.

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Our kids get many of your suggestions without even having to pay for it. On Monday, Andrew experienced 'have your scooter from the local middle school' camp, and Thursday for Anneliese it was 'have your dress stolen from the local swim center (a brand new one, of course)' I wonder what next week's summer adventures will bring? I'm betting on running into one of the 'car theft' camp graduates, but just watching 'paint dry' would be perfect.

So of course it's already July and yes, still here. We'll have to catch up soon.
Great post!


Maybe "Camp Vendor" should be my next career move! All I need to do to make any dough is to find out "Mom's Schedule" and work around that!


Julie - sorry to hear about that. I tried!!
WW - yep, that's all there is to it.


Hi Lucky Mom, just let you to know that we are hosting Back to School Festival at Austin Children Academy on Saturday July 30. It will be lot of fun for whole family. Hope to see you there. For more information, please go to our facebook event page: