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Sep. 7, 2008

Techie Shopper or?

My sweet husband can be such a topic of humor whether he realizes it or not.

He offered to go to the grocery store today.

Doesn’t sound so odd right? Well, it is.

My husband always likes to appear helpful and show that there isn’t anything he can’t do that I typically do.

So, we got back from our Sunday gym routine and around this time, we put Julia down for a nap and I usually go grocery shopping. My overly techie husband sits at the computer like he does all week, and......does something on the computer. I guess.

But this time he offered and I promptly accepted. (Must remember my husband is the one who cannot find milk at the grocery store and will swear up and down he looked EVERYWHERE and they must be out of it – I so wish I was kidding).

He’s also learned the hard way, that he is not to return without all items on the list as if he just ‘looked harder’ he’d find everything. That’s pretty much when his grocery shopping days ended.

So, I figured this was going to be quite the event for him.

So, I began rattling off the items for the list and he promptly stopped me screaming “wait, I’ve got to find my i-phone”.

WTF? Grab a piece of paper Gates and take this down.

No, he had to get his techie phone, download a grocery shopping program (the default program Notes is apparently not adequate) and asked me to recite. It would be one thing if the gadget talked him through the shopping.

So, I did. And I decided this could be kinda fun.

Just thinking of him lost all over the grocery store made my internal list of 4 or 5 items, suddenly jump to around 25.

Ooooh, fun I say! By the time he returns it will be Monday.

Every time I added an item though, it took him about a minute to get it typed in to the program. I estimate it takes me 2-3 seconds to jot down an additional item on a paper list. This just doesn’t seem like an efficient use of time.

I think I’ll text him a couple more items while he’s at the store. Naughty.

I just know he’s going to try and prove that his computer based shopping list program complete with ‘check off boxes’ is superior and that he’ll make it back in record time – just to say he could.

Too bad the store he’s going to just doesn’t happen to carry one of the items. My bad.

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Oh LM, I have to agree here. I think technology is great in the grand scheme of things, but some of the stuff is just over the top, unnecessary, and, yes, less efficient than the "old fashioned" version.


Ha Ha Ha! That is hilarious! Are we going to hear the "Rest of the Story"?


i hope the list included pencil and paper.


My hubby is a online shopping techy! He bought me a diamond necklace from for our anniversary...I thought it was the cutest sounding website That I started buying some pretty jewelry from there too..he was the one who spends a lot of time shopping online...its so much easier, we don't have to drive as much!

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