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Mar. 9, 2008

Restaurant Review: BESS

My husband and I along with another couple were out in downtown Austin last night (no, really) and decided (after walking past 106+ options of which we couldn’t agree) to go to Bess for dinner.

Bess is Sandra Bullock’s restaurant and we just might have secretly hoped she would be there, in order to act like we didn’t know it was her restaurant of course, we were just there to eat. Who are we celebrity stalkers or something?

I mean why have a “no camera policy” unless there’s someone famous to snap a picture of in order to sell to the highest bidding tabloid something or someone to take a picture of?

Didn’t happen. No Sandra, no Matthew McConaughey, no Brad The I’m always going to be a bachelor no matter how hard I try to fool people because I’m either gay and/or just freakin weird Bachelor, no Lance Armstrong or anyone else famous that happens to live in Austin.

Bess is a lovely restaurant with a nice staff. We had no reservation and just turned up at prime time on a Saturday night. We were seated within 5-10 minutes in a nice banquette.

I like the dress code of “just make an effort” as it is so up for self interpretation.

Admittedly, though I loved the atmosphere and service I struck out with the entrée and wine choices I made.

The Breaded Pork Tenderloin with a dried cherry sauce was a little too breaded and covered with a little too much dried cherry sauce.

My first wine selection was “out”. My second choice was in though so cold it felt like it had been stored in a freezer. For a long time. I couldn’t really taste it actually.

Fortunately, my dinner mates all had great dishes to include Shepherd’s Pie.

I’d like to try Bess again as I need to try another entrée before deciding I need to move on.

Sandra, try and be there next time okay? I swear you won't see my camera phone snaping your mug I won't bring my camera.

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I have heard such mixed things about Bess!

I need to get out more so that Ill take risks :)
after the sitter etc. Im all about the tried and true (read Dragonsgate or Sullivans. boring---I know :))



I'll come to Austin and we can go!! I would love to catch Sandra Bullock there :O)


I can confirm that the Shepherd's Pie is to-die-for — and I'm English, so I should know.

It's also worth mentioning that the prices are quite reasonable, which surprised me.


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