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Sep. 14, 2006

Changing A Diaper On A Restaurant Table?

People never cease to amaze me. And in this case, I don't mean it in a good way.

I peruse several websites each morning and this morning I found an entry on Life With Lucy.

The author, Carly Foster, was writing about the fact that they went to a Tim Horton’s restaurant (can’t say I have any idea what a Tim Horton’s is but sounds like a coffee shop of sorts) and there were no changing tables to change their baby’s POOPY diaper.

Apparently, they felt they had no other choice and changed their baby ON THE TOP OF A TABLE. A patron was livid and said so also complaining to the manager.

I have to admit that as difficult as it can be to be a new parent, there are folks like this that kind of ruin it for the rest of us who do remember what its like not to be a parent and still have some common sense lingering around in our brain.

Apparently, Carly's husband Eric said to the complainer who threatened to call the head office:

"Call them," His hands were shaking in anger. "Tell them to put change tables in the washroom."

It reminded me of the times I’ve seen ‘used’ diapers left in a booth at a restaurant or on an airplane seat etc. wtf? Don’t these people carry plastic bags to remove this sh*t? Pun intended.

I think the key to this is that Carly stated “Tim Hortons stores do not have change tables. Ever. This makes steam curl out my inner ears. And this Tim Hortons was a fancy new one with only round tables and chairs -- no benches”.

I guess my question here is: then why go there if you know this? What point are you trying to make?

It appears she was looking for some justification to this and I don’t think she deserves it. What do you think?

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These are the kind of people who are seeking to shock others. They'll go out of their way to cause a scene. Yes, why else GO to a place that you know full well is not "baby friendly." I'm not familiar with Tim Hortons either, but suspect there is a reason they don't have changing tables in their restaurants.


Got to admit — I would never change my kid on a table that someone's going to eat at. That's pretty gross! However, I can see that it was a pretty sticky situation.


O.k, I need to put my two cents in on this one. Did those people arrive in a car? I changed my "poopy" baby plenty of times in my car when there were no changing tables available. And, (here I go dating myself again), back in the "olden" days when my kid was a baby, there were very few places that had changing tables. That's a newer convenience that you "young uns" get to enjoy. Bottom line, I have had a baby and now absolutely adore and love caring for my friends babies, but I would be disgusted if I saw someone changing a diaper on a table in a restaurant where I was eating. Come on people, get a little creative and be respectful of others.


Though I like when people are able to provoke us a bit I have to think about the coli bacteria that might end up on the table. Some parent being a bit demonstrative wont kill us but those bacteria might. Maybe one could invent something transportable to change babies on - besides cars as suggested by WW?


So gross! What the...? I'm speechless.
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Gross! Ok, that was just wrong! Maybe the dining seat or chair would have been better. Or the floor perhaps. I have even gone so far before in a restaurant to place piles and I mean piles of paper towels on the floor and changed my child there for lack of a changing table. How about the bathroom countertop? Or perhaps like another reader suggested, how about the good old car? I have changed more diapers on the floor, seat and rear of my vehicles over the past 5 years than I would like to admit! What was wrong with those people?

Just today I was strolling through Nordstrom and out of the corner of my eye and within earshot I heard a realy tiny baby cry. I looked to the childrens shoe department only to see this "woman" hunched over this tiny naked (totally) baby on the showroom floor! It looked as if she was changing the babies entire ensemble diaper included! Now maybe this woman (new mommy) has never visited Nordstrom (or any other department store for that matter.) Didn't she know that almost ALL stores have changing rooms or tables? Wow! My other problem was where were the Nordstrom staffers? Why didn't they point this out to this poor confused woman? I have to admit it did look pretty stange to me. Poor baby screaming, naked and cold laying on the Nordstrom shoe department floor! I hope this poor mother didn't think her child needed to be completely naked to try on shoes! Where and what planet has she been living on? All I have to say is WOW! We choose to be parents the kids can't choose us...poor kid.


yes tim hortons is a coffee shop...can find a lot of them in canada


moms who change there kids on tables where people eat send a message that the mom probbly smokes around there kids too, hmm what you all think????


i once saw a mom change there babys diaper on a bench in side a mall and the mom was going slow like she was enjoying it, i saw that and in my mind im thinking theres bathrooms and cars for doing stuff like that but i guess she wants 300+ people that go to malls to see that, i wish i knew why she was that crazy(i mean bathroom was like a 2 mintue walk not far i could understand if it was huge walk but no it wasnt)hmmmmmmmmmm................. any thoughts?


I am so done with this topic (was months ago when it happened and the hate started flowing), but my father came across this in a google search today.

I just want to say that we did not change Lucy in order to shock or provoke anyone. There are far better ways to do that, such as running naked through Tim Hortons or perhaps trying to sell the baby for doughnuts. We considered both, but settled on the bum change instead.

Congrats on your new baby, and I like the design of your site.



Up until the age of about seven was often put in diapers whist my babysitter draged me round the mall she would then take me to the changing area when she had finished shopping remove my wet diaper and wipe me down in front of the other mums or which ever girl friend she had with her i always remember alot of time was always taken over this process and there were never any shortage of volenteirs


Come on people ... Im sorry but ALL restaurants should have changing tables installed in their bathrooms for the exact reason that it is unsanitary to change them anywhere that food is served. I was at a restaurant with no benches, no counter space in the bathrooms and no changer (and no car not that it should matter)but the manager told me I could feel free to change my daughter on the bathroom floor. Are you kidding me?? I would do not such thing ... I think it should be mandatory for restaurants to have them in at least one bathroom if not both. I would have done axactly the same thing as this person. Maybe if more people did this so that other patrons would realize the health concern and complain it would actually cause these restaurants to install changing stations.


Changing a baby's diaper on a restaurant table....completely classless. Totally selfish.

Changing a baby's diaper on the seats...still classless. What about the smell? People are EATING. I don't care if it's only pee....people can still smell it.

What did our ancestors do long before changing tables were even thought of? They not only improvised, but they thought of other people around them and did the diaper changes as privately as possible. Would YOU want to smell pee and/or poo while eating? Didn't think so.

What a concept....thinking of others.


Tim Horton's is a popular donut/coffee shop here in Canada. Started by a now deceased hockey star. I believe now owned by the American company that also owns 'Wendy's' as they are frequently combined.

Changing a baby on a public table is disgusting. But so is not providing somewhere appropriate to change the baby. I am thinking that particular location may have rethought their oversight! (Didn't Britney do this once?)


In the late 80's when my kids were babies and in diapers, I used to change them wherever, but never in front of people eating.

Ever seen a kid sprawled out on top of a public bathroom counter top, with rubber pants pulled down around ankles? LOL!


I guess there will always be division on what is right and wrong as far as babies in public. Perhaps being as prepared as possible for any case scenario is the best way to go. Ask yourself 'what if this happens while I'm there?' It's quite likely the what if will happen in the worst possible place. Let's hope all food places adequately cater for babies in the future.


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What happens when it is your first visit and do not know other wise that there is no change table?


I realize this is old but have to add my two cents. I probably wouldn't' do it on the table, but I would in my stroller in the restaurant. Leaving poop on some babies bottoms instantly scalds their poor little butts. What mom is going to hurt their child rather than irritate a few people in a restaurant? When it comes to my baby, he certainly comes before social etiquette. I could care less what other people think. Not to mention, many babies left in their dirty diapers for more than a few minutes have it run out the legs and top of their diapers, all over their clothes (which WOULD get poop everywhere). I have a friend's baby who does this with every poopy diaper. Seems to me that it would be better to clean the poop in a controlled situation rather than having it get all over the table because it ran out everywhere. Having changing tables in a bathroom should be like having handicapped access (there are certainly more babies present in a restaurant than handicapped people).


IT is like saying the sanitary concerns of this community and the patron's of this establishment are of no concern whatsoever when it impedes our convenience. The funny thing is all my friends with kids just take them to the car if there isn't a better place to change (like civilized people). I just witnessed this today for the first time when I was trying to get lunch. I've been pissed off since then and it was over four hours ago.


This very thing happened at my place of work a cafe just yesterday. Although the mother changed her baby in her pram the smell was bad. We do not cater toilets or change rooms but the shppong complex does on less than 20 metres away. I approached the new mum and let her know it is against health regulations to change a child in a place of eating, she just shrugged. The cafe smelt so bad and with incoming lunch patrons I got some brutt and sprayed. I apoligized to the mother but insisted it was for other patrons not to be put off. She called the manager/owner and condoned my actions and how humilated she felt. I am sure she wanted me sacked. It did not work as my boss told her straight and would not except I am a new mum and did not know any better excuse. I stated my case to her as she soke openly she did not want me hearing her complaint. Being 46 a mother of 5 grandma of 5 and foster mother I was not going to tolerate that kind of down talk to myself.She insisted she would never eat there again then said the customer is always right..Not in this case. It was a pure disregard of anyone else ,rules and regulations and sheer stupidity on the new mums part.We encourage and welcome breast feeding mums as we feel you dont eat in a toilet neither should your child. But we dont expect someone to change a nappy or drop their pants either..Grow brains use common sense and dont blame the others for your own stupidity..


People like Rebecca are why people should NOT have the "right" to pro-create, but should have to earn the "privilege." Your baby matters only to you, nobody else. Social etiquette (something you lack) is far more important than your pathetic child. Were you to change your baby's poopy diaper in public in front of me, you had better believe not only would I say something, I'd personally shove the diaper in your face. If it's perfectly acceptable to you to do such things, why is it unacceptable for me to wear a diaper in a public restaurant? Perhaps I will announce "I need my poopy diaper changed" and expect someone to change me on the table. Oh, but that's 'not proper.' Newsflash, nor is your ignorant practice.

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