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Apr. 7, 2006

Dimer Night and the Sick Kid

I wanted to submit a post earlier today but had a bit of an unexpected delay. My babe is a sick pup! It was so shocking to see this happy, healthy boy take a sudden turn for what I swear looked like impending death!

One other time this type of thing happened; Alec was staggering around like I used to in college after ‘dimers’ at the local tavern. You know the place, dime pints. Well, I didn’t have much money at college but enough to make it to dimer night and well….anyway, you get the picture.

That time I freaked out, called 911 and were taken to Children’s Hospital.

He had one of those fevers that go from perfectly normal to boiling hot in such a short time his little body just couldn’t take it. Got the fever down, went home and all was fine.

This time it started at 10:20 (to be exact) this morning when he threw up his entire breakfast and continued to vomit throughout the day.

He was walking around with an odd drunk-looking gait though about 3 pints less than the first incident so I decided to stay ‘calm’ and instead call my husband screaming that he needed to come home ASAP or I was tempted to call 911 again.

Husband had riden his bike the 10 miles to work on a bike trail and said he’d Lance it home immediately. WELLLL, ‘pparently, some walkers or other Lance-type haters on the trail thought it was a perfect day to spread carpet tacks along the trail so my husband along with many other cyclists were hit with a bit of a snag. Good Lord.

Meanwhile, I had called the pediatricians office, decided he’d be o.k. and we’d give him tiny bits of water starting at 6:00pm per instruction. Not o.k. Can’t keep a sip of water down. Not one drop.

Did I ever mention how freaked out I am out dehydration? It’s one of my biggest, somewhat irrational fears that I will be injured or otherwise unable to speak and be dehydrating! Regardless of my thoughts on the Terri Schiavo debacle, I couldn’t take the fact that she was drying out literally to death. UGH.

This evening we called the Children’s Resource Line at Children’s Hospital in Seattle (where husband runs the Web Services team) who are always there to help day or night. Please do not hesitate to use this service. 206-987-2500.

They assured us he probably won’t die of dehydration in the night and gave us other reassuring information and guidance.

So, I don’t have anything comical, sarcastic or otherwise entertaining to end this post with but to say that I’ve been physically within a couple of inches of my son for about 11 hours now.

Seeing my son so sick and sad is absolutely gut wrenching!

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I hope he's feeling better today! Just wanted to also mention that you can find out what to do if your child is sick on our web site too - here's what it says about what to do if your child is vomiting.


Hope Alec is feeling better and Christian's tires have been repaired. Doesn't sound like a great day!


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