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Sep. 13, 2012

How to Make Great Halloween Costumes for Your Kids

Lucky Mom guest post - Author: Amanda Green

Halloween festivities can be made even more special when moms make their kids costumes at home. This can become a whole-family activity, with the kids learning from their moms in a fun environment.

It is also a great way for mothers to foster the love of and use of creativity and problem-solving skills, since going the do-it-yourself route with Halloween costumes also means dealing with wardrobe dilemmas with out-of-the-box solutions. And Halloween costumes can be totally original or inspired and based on popular design ideas.

Halloween costumes can be 100 percent original, inspired by the kids’ visions or by the moms’ own imagination.

Moms can guide the kids in making characters of their designs, from stories they have made up or pictures they have drawn. Whether human or robot or monster, moms can use a variety of materials such as fabric scraps, appliance boxes, aluminum paper or whatever else is on-hand to create the costumes for the kids’ Halloween experience.

Putting the costumes together, painting them if necessary can make for a fun afternoon activity that the kids will likely not forget.

The costumes can also be inspired by well-known and well-loved characters like superheroes, Disney characters or cartoons. Making these costumes at home involves capturing each character’s personality and essence through the clothes the kids will be wearing as well as their attitudes and actions.

Using a popular design also means the kids get to play as actors, if they really want to represent the character and impress the neighborhood with their costumes. And though this might seem more challenging to a mom who wants to make her kids’ costumes at home, there is actually an easy solution for creating costumes inspired by popular design.

While making Halloween costumes at home takes a lot of creativity, sometimes it also needs that extra touch of commercial items to pull the whole look together. Who can deny the glory of Disney costumes or vintage Star Wars attire? Visiting an online vendor can be the answer. The website linked to above is particular helpful for moms who are helping their kids create detailed Halloween costumes inspired by popular characters.

Ordering online can save many moms valuable time when they do not have to make the actual clothes. Instead, moms can concentrate on making the accessories to complete the look, putting the costume together and even applying the right make-up. With professionally-made costumes, moms can easily make any adjustments necessary to make sure the costume is a perfect fit and give it that special touch for finishing, still retaining the sense of a do-it-yourself project.