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Aug. 15, 2012


Probably one of THE best vacations I’ve had in my life. I had been to Cancun about 20+ years ago; when I was single and stayed up late. I went with a girlfriend and we had a great time!

This time, it was like watching me many years ago, but this time as the ‘older’ gal with a family. All the young hot things were well, looking hot and having a good time. Not surprisingly, they got up later than we did. A lot later which was kind of embarrassing. Showing up for breakfast before 7:30am. Shameful.

At our all-inclusive resort (Fiesta Americana Condesa), they really did provide everything. Service was impeccable. I can’t say enough. 24 hours a day, anything you want.

No additional cost and if you do happen to tip, they practically hand you their first born. I asked if they’d take my first born if I tipped more; however, they preferred not to, though regardless of first language spoken, they clearly don’t know how to say the word ‘no’. Everything was “of course” in English and well, something I can’t remember in Spanish.

Our accommodations were nice. It’s an older, Spanish style with a few needed upgrades. Very clean however and perfectly fine for our needs. Providing a complimentary stocked mini-bar certainly didn’t warrant any complaints from us.

The grounds were very well kept and the pools were just, simply incredible. Super clean and the perfect temperature. Well, clean except for the unsettling reality that maybe, just maybe some of the pool-bar attendees may not have used the conveniently located, perfected furnished bathrooms.

The shows and kid’s club were pretty good. We missed a few shows as Julia tended to crash during dinner. There was a teen’s club which was nice for Alec as there was ‘gaming’, movies etc. I don’t think a true ‘teen’ would have been caught dead in there however.

Thong bikinis. What to say. I found the overuse of thong bikinis a bit troubling. No, not because I’m jealous but rather because I can’t figure out why anyone (i.e. most people) who clearly should NOT wear one, would choose to anyway.

Why? And more importantly, why would a thong violator wear one when their friends who CAN wear one are walking right next to them? I think a review of Bathing Suit wearing 101 might be warranted. You don’t wear a skimpier bathing suit than your skinnier friends!

If I hadn’t done substantial research, I might be a bit shocked by the lack of A/C. Especially if coming from a cooler weather climate as the majority of the hotel is open air.

I knew this going in but still had a bit of a problem with a couple of the restaurants. Especially when there is a ‘dress code’. Maybe it’s just me but dressing in semi-nice clothes and sweating like a menopausal woman (oh wait..) while eating dinner is not my idea of comfortable.

So much so, that one evening, I took my food to go; anywhere I could find cooler.

Overall, this resort was incredible and certainly not-budget busting. A non-stop two hour flight from Austin made it even better and a sure bet we will go again. Once my liver and full tummy recover that is.

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Sounds like a memorable trip- glad you all got a chance to get away and relax before school starts up again!
I hear you about the bathing suits... whenever I see someone dressed so inappropriately, I have two thoughts. First, don't you have any friends who will tell you the truth? Second, I remember what my first boss (an HR Manager) would tell people at new hire orientation: if you have any question about whether or not something is appropriate for you to wear to work, the answer is no. That niggling doubt in your mind should be your answer. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone would follow that rule at all times? Perhaps... but then it wouldn't be so amusing!


Great write-up! But no mention of all the great booze that was on offer? Mimosas for breakfast, mojitos all day long, etc?


CW - I kinda figured the 3rd paragraph was pretty clear. : ) Don't want AA knocking on the door ya know.