Lucky Mom

May. 30, 2012

Tennis Anyone?

Like many teenagers in highschool, I played a sport or two. O.k. one sport and one 'sport-like' activity. Tennis and cheerleading. I loved them both though I was clearly better at cheerleading.

Fast forward 28 (good grief I'm getting old) years and I'm not cheerleading again but am playing tennis. A lot of tennis. I'm loving tennis so much, I'm playing about 4-5 times a week.

I'm lucky in that my 'neighborhood' has many leagues for literally ALL skill levels and ages. I'm playing on two leagues (USTA and WTTA) and interestingly am better than I was in highschool.

I have to recommend it to anyone with a little time on your hands. It's not expensive (unless you take drills), is great exercise and if you're like some of the women on the courts, you can play well into your 70's.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE playing tennis with you! I agree- so much fun and great to be outside doing something that you love and getting some exercise! I hope to continue until I'm in my 70's!


Thanks Betsy! Me too! Can't wait until the fall when we can play together more!