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Nov. 16, 2011

Men and Costco

I go to Costco about once a month. I'm sure I'm on their watch list as I'm always the mom desperately attempting to drive the vehicle-sized cart with an evil grin on my face. Sometimes I'm laughing outloud or even blurting out "Oh, cranky?".

I’m humored at the men (of all ages) who forget they’re not in their cars on the highway.

They speed around the corners, grumble at you when you’re not moving fast enough and have such a look of disdain on their faces. They really appear to be angry they are there.

They probably are.

I’m guessing they’re also a bit peeved that there aren’t any man carts. Smaller carts that can aid in getting them their 3 or 4 (and no more of course, that would require impulse buying) items they came for.

They should have stores for men only. No browsing allowed.

They can get their aggressions out with other men who can understand their pain.

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In Southern California, I decry men with shopping carts at Costco. They are vile and should be sent to the traffic school equivalent of shopping cart usage.

Just today I lamented the blunderous mens' shopping cart usage. They have no capability of putting them in an out-of-the-way place when they decide to wander off (to an Asian New Year pot sticker food tasting, as an example).

Even when they decide to change direction when pushing their carts, they move before they look so that there is frequently not enough space for wherever they want to go, and they create a pandamonium of instant shopping cart traffic jams.

I notice this when more men appear at Costco near holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Why are they the ones pushing the carts versus the more experienced women at their sides?

I swear it must be attributable to some kind of latent male drive for a ritual designed to overtake and monopolize as much space possible, and let the rest of us agonize at the progress that is being impeded by their irregularly-placed carts at the odd angles and left at strategically-placed former hubs of manuverability. I am certain many women have noticed this outright and glaring impedement to simply getting out of the door with groceries that men have turned into something about them.

I know the topic of this blog is not specifically men who get in the way with their shopping carts.

But our observations are similar in that men cannot cooperate with resources in general.

Their threat of dominating the physical space is similar to a filibuster; they whip out this illogical behavior that suddenly makes one aware they are stupid enough to vex everyone if they are not finessed through the check out line.

Save us from men pushing shopping carts at Costco!