Lucky Mom

Aug. 9, 2011

The Beauty of a Vintage Engagement Ring

Lucky Mom - Guest Post: This piece was written by Taylor Laurents

Now I have been married for quite some time, and I am not about to complain about the state of my wedding ring or the engagement ring I received when my husband first proposed, but I just can not get over the extravagance of some of the rings available today.

While skimming the web today, I came across a site discussing the evolution of engagement rings, and was immediately intrigued as only someone who typically loves weddings would be.

I'm not new to engagement rings. I certainly gushed over mine, as well as any friend's who were given one.

However, I couldn't get over some of the latest fashions in engagement bands as I looked through the site. The rings were absolutely stunning, but the price tags were just outrageous – some upwards of $24,000. Now yes, some of my shock derived my a small bit on envy, but for the most part, I just couldn't imagine spending what could be a down payment on a house on a ring.

While the diamond has been a popular stone for most engagement rings, many women are now requesting rings with synthetic stones to reduce their carbon footprints or for moral reasons. Others are simply tired of the same ol' same ol'.

One ring type that really caught my attention was black diamond engagement rings.

There were so different from the bright crystal clear stones you traditionally see on an engagement ring, yet the deep black color against the silver band made the ring seem so vintage.

I later discovered that Carrie Bradshaw received a black diamond engagement ring in Sex and the City II, and real life actresses such as Carmen Electra and Carole Lomard have received them.

Where was all of this when I was engaged? My ring was beautiful, but it was a standard diamond, and as my blog indicates, I am hardly a typical personality. Oh well, I kind of like my husband and don't plan on receiving a new engagement ring anytime soon so I won't make too much of a fuss. But I hope that other soon-to-be-engaged brides do.

While I do love the classic diamond ring, the new styles, including Princess Kate's blue sapphire, are downright stunning and definitely add more drama.

Why not shake it up?

We have seen much of the same traditions for years, and it's about time that women with both personalities shake up those old traditions to more readily fit them. Plus, an engagement ring doesn't have to be a clear diamond to be beautiful.

Engagement rings used to be adorned with colored stones anyway, and I believe that I would like to see some more classic vintage.