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Jun. 25, 2011

How to Not Be Bored with a Baby on the Way

Lucky Mom guest post - Author: Taylor Laurents

The incoming joy of an addition to the family often signals the outgoing of abilities and activities in the life of the mother-to-be.

In the first few months nausea can keep a woman from enjoying things like exercise even when the immobility brought on by advanced pregnancy doesn't. Then when the second and third trimesters arrive and a woman becomes bloated and the psychological and physiological effects of pregnancy really start to take hold, most women, try as they might, find many of their most appreciated recreational activities inaccessible.

However carrying a growing child is not a guarantee that your life is going to be hours upon hours of aches, pains, and mental anguish occurring in the dreariest and most unentertaining of atmospheres. Many activities remain open for enjoyment by soon-to-be moms.

When the stomach balloons, the behind bulges, and even the most expensive cosmetics can't conceal the toll creating another human being takes on the body, many expecting women avoid going out into public.

The immobility helps justify this sentiment, but it's not impossible to find outdoor activities to commit to when carrying. Besides the simple truth that being pregnant is nothing to be ashamed of and instead is something you should flaunt in public as much as possible, you have no reason not to get out there. Walking remains a fantastic form of exercise that remains viable for pregnant women for most of the pregnancy.

Even when the due date approaches and walking really does start to become difficult to do in long term spouts, just a quick spin around the block is enough to literally brighten your day.

If you can muster the steadfastness to conquer your self-esteem issues, then water aerobics are also great ways to get out and get the heart rate up as well as strengthen the pregnant body. Just getting into a municipal pool and moving your arms and legs around for an hour or so is enough to count as good exercise, and it's certainly a unique experience with the added weight of a baby.

But on those days when no amount of confidence coaching is going to fix the psychological sorrow looking in the mirror causes a pregnant woman, finding things to do around the house is an important factor in preventing the onslaught of depression and keeping the maternal mind from going mad. Write in a journal about your pregnancy experience. This could be an invaluable tool if you have another child in the future, or simply a nostalgic treasure years from now. Not only that, it helps to have a way to release the anxious thoughts and fears associated with being a new mother when expecting.

If you're finding yourself eating more and more at the mercy of cravings, get into cooking. Experiment with recipes and don't skimp on flavor since now’s the time you can get away with it. Have you every considered video gaming? Maybe your husband's Xbox and Madden collection doesn't appeal to you or the advanced graphics make you nauseous, but if you play online games with simple interfaces you can get the benefits of interactive stimulation without wanting to vomit.

I'm not going to plug some alternative medical theory about the relationship between the mind of the mother and the fetus, but it's important to preserve mental strength when carrying. That means doing things that keep you and your body happy. In years to come I'm certain we'll discover all sorts of amazing connections between the way a woman lives during pregnancy and the way the fetus forms.

Keep your brain at its best to make sure your baby does her best.

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