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Jan. 4, 2011

Resolution for 2011

Every year I make my New Years resolution to be healthier, eat and drink less, exercise more and; therefore, hopefully lose weight.

What happens - nothing. Zip. Nothing changes.

This past year, oddly enough, I realized that pretty much doing the opposite worked well. I actually exercised less, ate differently, drank about the same and lost weight. Weird I know, but you do what works.

So, this leaves me with something new to resolve.

My one (and only) resolution for 2011 is to save (or at least spend less) money. I've never actually attempted this and its going to be a bit frightening at first.

Saving money has always been a bit problematic for me. I don't really care for it as I like to spend money.

Apparently spending is not always such a good idea and according to my husband, needs to cease, stat.

Though I believe he's attempted to get this across to me for about 11 years now, I'm finally listening.

So, among other changes, I must bid adieu to CHO. I'll miss you.

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Well as I was reading the first part of your comments I was thinking, my resolution should be to save money. And then there it we can do it Kristine...I know we can.


Yes Anna, we can do it!


Saving money, or spending less is a little bit difficult at first, but once you start having some successes with it, you kind of get hooked on it! I look forward to checking back and seeing how you are doing. This is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about being responsible with money. :)


I find myself spending on things all the time, but never knowing where the money goes. Target just sucks it up like a vacuum, but what do I come home with? I have a closet full of clothes, but never have anything to wear. I buy a lot on impulse....and the kid's toy room is crazy. I love those trucks and getting rid of stuff- such a great feeling when you see that Exersaucer move out of your house and on to the next kid. Buh-bye! I love your resolution, and may try it too. I can't wait to read how it goes....and hopefully you'll find other less expensive sushi. :)

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