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Oct. 8, 2010

Brad and Brad

Cr*p. They’ve sucked me in again with this whole Brad Repeat Womack Bachelor performance.

Why they would choose Snoremack again is really a mystery. Or is it?

Since he awkwardly declined to choose a gal in his first spin in The Bachelor dating ring, doesn’t he pretty much have to pick a girl this time around?

According to People magazine last week, he says he’s pretty sure he will find a wife this round.

In fact, he apparently has had ‘years of therapy and introspection’ so I guess that means, he’s ready for a wifey. Hmmmm...

That is a lot of pressure as he was already the 2nd most hated bachelor wasn’t he? (Next to Mr. Seattle’s Jason Mesnick and the whole Melissa/Molly swap).

Why don’t the producers make it easy on themselves and simply bring back the remaining eligible girls from last time? He already knows them, and they him so…why bring in a bunch of new gals?

And why do my two favorite cities have the two most hated bachelors? Never mind, irrelevant.

And once again, I hate myself for even being interested. And I am. I’ll start drinking wine again, I’ll have to plan social events around the show and even get my kids to bed early on time.

But I will NOT, accost his younger brother Wes (and baby) again at the Austin Toyota dealership for a picture.

And I’ll watch the whole da*n series again.

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I, fortunately, have not been sucked into this one and will keep myself busy on "Bachebore" night.
And....yes, you will accost Wes again, it's in your blood:)


Mo - I will NOT accost him, I promise. I may accost Brad if I see him but I'll leave his poor brother alone.


Really, KO???? Brad??? He is a "Bachabore". But, have to admit, Wes redeemed himself a bit in my eyes on the last show. Yes, he was still a conniving manipulator, but he showed a little heart and I liked that. Although, when is he going to stop singing that damned song of his. I'm definitely over that.

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