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Sep. 1, 2010

R.I.P. Fish

My daughter Julia doesn’t believe it was an accident. It was. I swear.

Though I bitched and whined when my husband brought home the fish and tank, I slowly grew attached to them.

When he gave up caring for them and suggested they be taken to the local pond, I said no, I would feed them, clean their tank to a sparkly shine, ensure they were talked to etc.

I simply added the fish and tank responsibility to my endless list of tasks.

When asked what I 'do', I can simply and truthfully answer “everything but my husband’s job” which is literally true.

We’ve had the fish about a year now so really they became our house pets.

Last weekend I cleaned the tank, carefully setting the water temperature just right in order to avoid shocking them with too warm or too cold water and proudly placed the tank back on the counter.

All shiny and new looking, I admired my work.

I got up the next morning to all three of them floating on the top. Dead.

As noted in FISH, I didn’t want fish. So, nobody believed me when I said it was an accident.

A thorough investigation into the deaths revealed I had forgotten to add the critical drop of dechlorinator.

Sigh….maybe we’ll get a cat.

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I'll vouch for you KO. I know that you had become strangely attached to the little finned dudes. Go for the kitty, it would be much harder for you to kill that. Although, when it comes to Julia, I would definitely keep a kitty away from that little angelic faced bruiser, (my chin is still sore).


Hi, Kristine,
Been there, done that! Only it was my next door neighbor's son's fish. I didn't know they didn't like tap water. This was in ANC many many years ago. I hurriedly went to the pet store, bought a couple more fish, and hoped he wouldn't know the difference. Maybe he did as I was never asked to take care of his fish again! That's one way to get out of that job I guess. Hey, the Olson's aren't so dumb after all!!!!
Love ya


This is precisely why I don't have pets! Love the little guys, but I'll stick to visiting them in the "big tank" called the Pacific Ocean. Much less maintenance involved:) Can't wait to see you here in October!


Um...yeah, sorry about that. Her concrete noggin has caused several injuries (only to others of course).


No cat. Too much hair and worse yet you have to scoop poop! Guarentee you will NOT like doing that.

PS. I believe you my didn't kill the fish. Accidents happen. :)


As a fellow animal killer (two cats and a dog), I feel for you, LM. Eventually, people will hope anyway.


Oh dear... A friend of mine forgot to feed her massive fish... It wasn't pretty

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