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Aug. 24, 2010

Gorgeous Website for Party Favors

I’ve reviewed more websites than I can count; one for my own curiosity and two for my husband who is always asking me to ‘rate’ a website as a ‘layman’.

One website that currently advertises on my site, is Party Favor Boxes. I reviewed this site very closely as I’m always looking for baby or bridal shower favors or even unique, elegant birthday items that don’t break the (ie. my) bank.

Nicely packaged gifts make the anticipation a bit more mysterious. Party Favor Boxes provide home-made or gourmet store bought treats in a special package that lets guests be surprised later when they take the treat home.

What’s cool on this site, is that you can choose the size that fits your treat or favor, a style that matches your party décor, add ribbon or even a personalized custom printed thank-you tag for a professional appearance.

Depending on the quantity needed you can actually get the whole shindig for less than $2.00 per favor. Note, the items typically come as a 'set'.

I might have to re-think hitting Target’s $1.00 section now for my kids’ birthday party guest bags! I never get out of there for less than $7.00 a bag and they're not nearly as nice as what this site offers.


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