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Aug. 12, 2010

6 Year Old Boy Attempts Gold Medal Heist

Well, not exactly but it did cause quite the stir. Fortunately it wasn’t premeditated.

Crime scene: Swim meet
Item: Olympic gold medal
Victim: Brendan Hansen
Target Item: Cookies

After my son Alec completed his swim meet today, he was fortunate enough to get to wear Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen’s very own gold medal while having his picture taken.

Great. Everyone is in line for their turn, Alec gets up for his, I’m all set with the camera and begin to fire off a few shots.

I carelessly look down for a second at my camera and realize a bit of a commotion has begun. Looking up, I see Alec is gone, and apparently with Brendan’s gold medal around his neck.

Oh shi*t. Where is he?

Oh, he’s headed for the damn cookie table. This is a bit embarrassing as everyone is waiting for their turn and my kid has kyped the medal, causing the photo session to temporarily halt.

After ripping the damn medal off his neck, I sheepishly ran back and gave it to Brendan apologizing profusely to him and the waiting crowd. (Maybe I shouldn’t have told Alec that we’d hit the cookie table after he had his picture taken.)

Thankfully it wasn’t damaged. I wonder what those things are worth. Can one put a price on them anyway?

Anyway, the meet went well, Alec did a great job and watching Brendan swim was a treat.

And, well, as some of the pictures show, it was also quite ‘scenic’ for the female spectators.

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So cute, Kristine. Both Alec and the big guy! Very exciting - thanks for sharing.


That's so funny. I learned a long time ago to never get between Alec and his food! Love the pictures and BTW, don't be shy about posting as many pix as you like of that cutie pie Brendan. I'm digging the man candy.


Haha -- nice try Alec! I'll teach him yet to earn his keep!


WLW, no kidding. I don't think it will ever change so I guess I better to accomodate it! Sadly, swim season is over..... : (


I was there too. When Brendan started his show, I did notice all the moms had their eyes on him-and forgot about their kids. My husband didn't understand why.

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