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Jul. 7, 2010

Loose Tooth

My 6.8 year old son Alec’s top front tooth became loose somewhere mid April of this year.

Though Alec was a bit concerned about this, we assured him it was exciting and a timely milestone in his lifetime. We figured a few days of wiggling and voila! it would be out, we’d chuck it under his pillow and the T. Fairy would kindly bring a dollar and life would be grand.

Not so, exactly. A week later and it was still there, just jiggling around. I tried to pull it with my bare hands. No dice.

The next few weeks were the same. Couldn’t seem to get the tooth to budge. I even tried a rubberized oven mitt. Then, tweezers. Nothing.

Another week goes by and I’m past bribing Alec to pull it out himself. He swears he’s tried.

So, I ask his multi-black-belt-possessing Martial Arts instructor who can break thick wooden boards with his fingers any day of the week. He couldn’t get it out (though it must have hurt as Alec kind of cried a bit. Fortunately, I could blame someone else).

Every morning thereafter, I’d ask Alec if that f’ing tooth was still there. (No, I didn’t say f’ing out loud and yes, the tooth was still there.)

It was eight weeks from the time we noticed it was loose and the tooth had partially detached itself from Alec’s upper gum. It looked gross, it was gross and I had simply had enough.

I begged Alec to let me pull it as my attempted bribery was simply not working. How could this be? I would gently pull it of course; it was hanging by a thread, off to one side.

No, no and no were the answers. I kinda lied and told him it looked infected and I’d probably have to take him to the doctor if he didn’t let try. Bad mommy.

I asked if I could gently twist it (in order to avoid that mean doctor who was sure to yank it violently) and he said yes. Sweet.

I love interrogation, it really does work. Anything to get you to shut up, drop it – whatever.

So, I spent (and this is no lie) almost ½ an hour with Alec’s head up against the wall (so he couldn’t move his head back) twisting gently. He kept assuring me it wasn’t hurting so I kept at it. I KNOW he thought I couldn’t get it and was just humoring me.

I did, finally it just dropped into my hand. No pain, nothing. I was so excited.

Alec wasn’t. He was sad and wouldn’t even look at himself in the mirror. Oops.

So, I grabbed him and raced off to the store to get a new Lego set in thanks. That seemed to make him happy.

His other top tooth is loose as well. I’m leaving that one be. It can come out when it wants.

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I just lost a crown from eating sour apple licorice. Easy as pie. Fell right out mid-chew. Maybe if your healthy food eating kid would gnaw on some gooey treats, his teeth would fall out...just like our grandmas used to warn us!


OMG! I totally feel you! My 7-year-old has had her teeth loose on the top since April too! NOT KIDDING. And now one of her bottom ones are loose. My son (9) is one of those kids will get it out so this is new to us... OMG, just pull it out, you little brat!!

Hmmm... lego, eh? Maybe I'll try that...


Whatever you do, don't forget the $$$$!


Although I went through this with my own kid many, (and I do mean many), years ago, I don't remember it being that traumatic. I'm amazed that Alec let you jam, uh, I mean gently brace his head against the wall for 1/2 hour. He's such a good kid, you're very lucky.


LOL-ROFLOL Parenthood...can't even try to explain it to someone without kids. But those of us in your our own tooth battles with every story of those just steps behind!!! :0)Thanks for the memory and giggle!!


Sonja - We didn't forget the money! He read a book on the tooth fairy and was all prepared for her.

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