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Jul. 21, 2010

Book Review: The Road

Yes, this is a book of fiction. Why I picked it up in the first place is a mystery.

O.k. not really such a mystery as I got it for my husband who wanted it last Christmas.

Though I was traumatized by the Twilight series and thought even good fiction would never again touch my fingers, I gave in and read this book by Cormac McCarthy.

Oddly, I could barely put it down. This was a fast read however a bit cardio concerning as my heart literally raced when I read this. I had to find out the ending.

I can kind of see where fans of the Crack series (Twilight) couldn’t wait to get through it (in theory only of course) as I, for two days straight carried this book around with my like an infant.

It’s literally the antithesis of Twilight that actually that took me over 2 years to read.

As it’s about a man and his son, my husband was even more emotional about it than I was.

Super fast, a bit grim, but great read.

I recently saw the movie.

Just like the book and somewhat odd (for me), the movie was just as I pictured it in the book. Of course, I bawled through most of it.

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I listened to No Country For Old Men on audio... seriously so well done. Grab it. Same author.

I haven't read or seen The Road yet, although it's on my Amazon account to watch. Looks like I need to read it too :)


I much preferred the book to the film. Not that the film was bad but it was so unrelentingly grim it was a pretty hard watch. The book is a must-read though.

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