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Jul. 13, 2010

Best Diet Tip Ever

I’ve finally discovered the best diet tip!

It’s taken many years to uncover this handy tool in the fight against the bulge.

How I hadn’t thought of this before is beyond me. Nothing ever seems to get me where I want to be.

Until now. I’ve discovered the secret that is sure to be effective.

Its 7 simple steps.

Step 1. Pick a friend.

Step 2. Get a camera

Step 3. Put on bathing suit.

Step 4. Go outside in the natural light.

Step 5. Have said friend take multiple photos of you, especially from the back.

Step 6. Upload photos onto computer.

Step 7. View photos

If you’re anything like me, you won’t be pleased with the photo shoot outcome.

I’m still having trouble putting any food item into my mouth.

I can't eat. How can I not lose weight now?

Feel free to copy my new plan as needed.

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I can't imagine you needing to go on a diet. Your figure has always been one to die for. And you look great in all your photos. Maybe you're being too hard on yourself!


Sonja! It's a whole different ballgame when wearing very little!


ehh, bikinis are overrated anyway. You look fabulous, Kristine!


As an older person who has thrown away all her bikinis, I go by the maxim that older women with a bit of flesh look better than those skinny birds - think Victoria Beckham! What a sight! Anyway, one of the best parts of getting older is that you don't care a damn what other people think, its YOU, YOU, YOU all the way.


Jo - I do agree with you regarding some flesh, I think V. Beckham's bony body is pretty yuck! I don't care so much about what others think as much as I care what I think - no really! : )
and I don't like being in an uncomfortable weight that doesn't allow me to fit into my clothes! : (
Fortunately, I don't have a lot to lose.
Are you coming in October?


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Just a quick follow-up. I finally figured out that it was what I was eating and not how much exercising I was getting! I've dropped 13 lbs in two months and it truly wasn't hard. Just had to pay close attention to what I was eating. : )


I get the impression that you are some how promoting the idea that self bashing and starving yourself is a good way to lose weight...I know you were bing funny for the most part and it was funny to read but that energy is not something good to promote and on top of that..I saw the pic that you have on your About page and you are a good looking lady, that fat at why are you saying this about yourself?...I am sorry I dont want to seem like a fact I am a funny lady too ..and am no party pooper but I am just very much against people engaging in self bashing because its very crippling and painful. We already live in a society that promotes a certain type of image when it comes to being a woman and its time for us to rebel against that completely... especially if you are a women that you have issues with being fat.

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