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Feb. 26, 2010

Product Reviews

My husband has me completely conditioned to scour the internet in search of product reviews when making pretty much ANY purchase.

It used to be for 'big ticket' items but after repeatedly hearing "What did the reviews say?" after covertly inquiring into say shoes, a kitchen sponge or some other apparently not so discreet purchase, I gave in and now research everything. (with the exception of drinking and late night on-line furniture purchases when all sensibility goes out the window. Have you seen my enormous round black velvet chair?)

So, in case you're in the market for sunglasses or a camera, maybe I can help.

I finally got a 'real' camera. The kind with a lense, that doesn't fit snugly in your pants pocket. And yes, I did my research. As I'm no photographer, I can only tell you it's a Nikon D3000. That's about all I know about it at this point and that it got great reviews.

I'm just learning to use it and have been taking pictures of everything and everyone.

A few days ago I'm at the almost brand-new Nordstrom Rack mainly looking for some spring duds for the kids.

Though I try my best to be practical; when it comes to shoes, handbags and sunglasses I have a peculiar psychological need to overpay. I blame faulty DNA.

So, I'm at the Rack and spy some sunglasses and decide to try some on, just for fun of course. Then, I try on a pair of Marc Jacobs shades and I'm sold! I'm sure they cost a fortune but they must go home with me. I'll skip eating out for a year, I don't care.

And though my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, I clearly see the price tag of $34.97.

Obviously, they're mismarked or something but I'm not going to say anything. I'm not that dumb. I look at a few more pairs and they all show the same $34.97 price and then a sales gal walks by and remarks about the great price. Huh.

After debating with myself for a bit; (can I spend so little on sunglasses? Will I still respect myself? Are they really quite naff and I'm simply blinded by Marc's typically impeccable taste?) I decide to buy them.

And then, photograph them.

I'm still learning how to get the lighting right and generally use the features but you get the picture. Pun intended.

So, go to the Rack if you're in the market for sunglasses. They actually had an impressive selection of many brands.

And now, I must write reviews with pictures. I think I'll review everything.

If I could just figure out a way to get paid.

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Love your sunglasses, Kristine. That's one thing I miss about having to wear prescription sunglasses - you get one pair and that's it! I can't see without my glasses so variety sunglasses are out. But not shoes, purses, etc.....thank goodness! Clint gave me a Canon Rebel Xsi for my 70th birthday and I love it but I'm still learning. I have to pre-focus before I shoot and if I don't, I get lots of blurry stuff. It's not a "convenient" camera either which I miss. But, it's more fun to find out what one can do with it. Now have to get a telephoto lens. One thing leads to another.
And I wish you did get paid for your writing because I think you are a wonderful writer (and I don't say that just 'cause we're related!) - keep up the good work and the photos are a bonus.
Love, Sonja


Sweet shades, girlfriend. I haven't ventured down to The Rack in a while and last time I did, it was brutal. Maybe yours is better, but ours is one hot mess. Clothes and people everywhere, it's not pretty. But since I seem to have the same DNA as you when it comes to cool, pricey sunglasses, (my $350.00 Dior's were probably the the crudest display of this), I may just give it another shot. Oh, nice photo, too. I expect to see a lot of new cool pictures of the kids soon.


WW, yes, our new Rack is shiny, clean and very organized. : )

I'll do my best to get you some cool new pics with the cam!


I need new glasses... we have used Zennia in the past. Now the Nikon D3000 has me drooling!

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