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Jan. 21, 2010

Razorsharp Gaydar

For some unknown reason, I’ve always had a keen sense of identifing gays folks. I don’t mean the obvious types but the more obscure, possibly still-in-the-closet types.

Not sure where it came from, maybe hanging out with my gay buddies in Seattle. Or maybe because the night I met my husband we went with a group of friends (both straight and gay) to a ‘gay’ bar. Not sure.

Years ago I worked downtown Seattle with one of my best gay friends Erik. He would periodically test my self-proclaimed expert gay identification skills and was highly impressed.

One day; however, he insisted he meet an on again, off again boyfriend I was sorta seeing.

He had heard about him and was sure he must be gay.

I said no WAY though a bit of fear did come over me on the way to sorta boyfriends office during our lunch break.

Was I wrong? Is that why we really didn’t get along? More importantly, was my perfect gaydar slipping?

Erik met sorta boyfriend, we left and he confirmed no, not gay. Whew.

Fast forward a few years.

My husband and I had a few single friends that all knew each other. I pegged one as gay immediately upon introduction. Later when ‘advising’ my husband of this, he said no, he had a girlfriend.

I said “Irrelevant, the guy is gay, period”.

Closet gay got married (to a woman) and my husband gleefully deemed my 100% gay detection system broken.

I said “I don’t buy it, the guy is gay”.

Just got the news, gay guy just got divorced.

Is gay (of course). I win. Perfect record stands.

So ladies, if you’re dating a guy and have some suspicion of closet characteristics, swing on by for your fast, free and guaranteed gay boyfriend detection services.

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Glad to hear that your record remains intact. So, here's one for you. I dated a guy back when I was 18. He didn't have any of the traits that today I would key in on as a clue to sexual orientation although, he was very sweet and nurturing, (meaning he put up with my crap until I dumped him).

Fast forward to today. My older sister has remained friends with him over the past 35+ years, through his marriage and 2 daughters, (now adults), so I was always kept up to date about his life, (and him about mine), and we actually hoped that one day we would see each other again.

A few months ago my sister told me that ex boyfriend had left his wife of many, many years and is now with a dude and very happy. Go figure!!!


You have awesome Gaydar Lucky Mom! Whatever happened with sorta boyfriend anyway?


Gay Friend Erik,

I don't know what happened to him. But I DO know he's not gay. ; )

Miss you buddy!


I wasn't searching for your blog, but came across it by accident. Just thought I'd say awesome posting.

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