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Dec. 2, 2009

I Had An Affair With Tiger

O.k. not true; he called but I never returned his call.

Here we go again. Another famous, rich, talented person 'apologizing' for his actions. This requires me to climb back up onto my soapbox to complain, bitch and ridicule. So, I'm going to.

The first and most important thing I want to bark about is, why are cheating men so bad at it?

They're such boneheads, they leave voice mail and text messages? Evidence?

Really? Are they hankering to get busted? Do they really believe it won't get out? I'm going to guess a random cocktail waitress probably doesn't make a ton of money.

Why would a talented, seasoned cheater, diddle with a gal that will make more than her annual income if she tells?

Shouldn't they cheat with rich and famous married gals who have just as much to lose?

It's like Peter Cook's shenanigan's with a teenager.

Secondly, I take issue with Tiger's "....virtue of privacy is one that must be protected" statement.

Riiight. Apparently his privacy is more critical than the virtue he promised his wife when he yapped his vows a few years ago.

He is so dismayed about the invasion into his privacy. I bet he does want privacy - the dumbass got caught and now he wishes it would all just quietly go away.

Should have thought of that Einstein.

Thirdly, I get all up in arms when people say 'all men cheat', it was a 'mistake', 'men are human' and so on.

B.S. I say.

All men do not cheat. Cheating is never a 'mistake' and though men are in fact human, that doesn't mean they should or will betray their families.

Cheating is a CHOICE. Marriage is a CHOICE that maybe cheaters shouldn't enter into, especially when children are involved.

Tiger, Peter Cook, Clinton, Edwards, David Duchovney, and so on, also didn't cheat ONCE. They continued to cheat, tried to hide it when it started to leak and then professed their 'sincere' apologies once it was out. Brother.

I just wonder what else will be seeping from the woodwork? You know there's more out there for Tiger. And money to be made.

Maybe Tiger could claim 'sex addiction' like David D. and run to rehab. That might work? Then it won't be his fault? Genius!

Why men (and women too of course) would chose to ruin their children's lives for their own pleasures is beyond belief to me. I'm an adult and could handle it if I was cheated on, but my kids? NOTHING comes before them and certainly not some stupid affair that is sure to be discovered.

So, Tiger regrets his transgressions? No, Tiger, per cheating guidelines it appears, simply regrets he got caught.

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I have seen Tiger "up close and personal", many times at golf touraments over the years and although I'm not silly enough to put any celebrity on a pedestal or consider them a "role model", this was sad to me. I agree with everything you said, LM. What is it with these people who claim that they loves their spouses and children so much and profess that family comes first, and then they put it all at risk? It's crazy and beyond selfish in my book. When will they learn?


Seems you rarely see the rags outting the famous women who cheat. So either they don't, or, as you suggest, they are smarter at their affairs. I would venture to say the latter.
And, clearly, given the type of women these famous men cheat with, it's a power thing.
I have to agree, LM, although it's easy to become cynical, all men DO NOT cheat.


The most honest thing I ever heard a man say was, "God blessed men with two heads. Regrettably, there's only enough blood to operate one at a time." What I have learned in the 63 years I've been a woman is that men are men are men are men. Give (many of)them "something" to entertain their southern most heads with and all reason goes out the window. Sadly, it's the nature of many of the beasts.


Yeah, it's sad all right. Tiger should come clean but we'll probably never know the real truth. Maybe he has "too much stuff" in his life - all his money/fame/talent, etc. - and yet he feels like he's missing something. Too bad - he's probably ruining the really good thing he has - his wife & kids.


Wow KO-W that was well said! And I agree with you...

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