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Nov. 8, 2009


Well, it’s no secret my husband was recently layed off from his job. In fact, I blabbed it to anyone who would listen and many who’d wished they hadn’t, in hope that someone would know of an opportunity for him.

However, on a different, much more important note, I have a crucial secret that I can’t let get out.

For many, many years, I’ve bitched, moaned and complained about my hair. I have curly frizzy hair that only gets frizzier in the humid Texas air.

I’ve cut it off, straightened it, twisted it, pulled it back, up, around, sideways; flat-ironed it and stuffed it into hats and caps.

I’ve never been happy with it.

So, I’m at Bunco several months ago admiring a friend’s hair and finally begging her to cough up her great hair secret. She covertly whispered to me ‘her gal’.

So, I asked if I could refill her wine glass and invited her to a quiet corner where I could interrogate her a comfy loveseat where maybe we could chat for a few minutes. Now. In private. Before the game started.

She told me about ‘her gal’ who refuses to charge the 3 to 4 times what other stylists of her caliber do.

She prefers a regular clientele of only referrals. No walk ins. “She’s super picky and must like you”. Sh*t.

As I promptly poured her another glass of wine, I asked what I could possibly do to get into see ‘her gal’.

She said it wasn’t easy, she’d put in a good word for me and maybe, just maybe I’d get a call.

I asked if I should send a gift. Perhaps a bottle of nice wine maybe? She said no. She isn’t bribable. What?

I waited. I felt like I was waiting for the mail to come to see if I got accepted into college.

Would I be accepted?

I got the call.

I got an appointment. “I’ll take it!” I screamed before hearing what time she had available. I didn’t care. I HAD to see her.

I got in. Cut, color, highlights, lowlights, double process and style.

For $60.00. Yes, it’s true. $60.00. And, my hair looked awesome!

I came home giddy, bragging about the experience to my husband who said “Oh, your hair looks great, but is $60.00 fair?”.

I asked him if he’d rather I pay the normal $180.00 or so.

He pretended like he didn’t know how much I regularly spent on hair care. He even had the nerve to tell me about his $18.00 ‘cut’.

Like I care. He barely has any hair and he certainly doesn’t color/highlight it.

So, I had to call a couple of girlfriends and tell them. They’d understand.

They did. Unfortunately, I couldn’t divulge this secret. I couldn’t risk her being over-booked.

So, we may have no income but I have the best stylist ever and assuming she doesn’t dump me, I’ll be with her forever.

I've been to her several times now and don’t care if I have to feed my family Top Ramon for awhile, I am NOT giving up ‘my’ gal.

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I always thought it was harder to find a good "gal" than to find a good doctor! Someone who really knows what to do with hair is better than gold. I say "stick with her through thick and thin!" And I hope something good comes up for Christian. Through my kids' experiences, it seems these kind of situations always lead to something better. So, here's to a great new job!
Love, Sonja


WHERE IS THE PICTURE... I've known you since you were 19. I've seen every version of your hair for over 20 years....Let see a PICTURE!!!!!!

BTW: Hope things are looking up my friend!!


I'm so jealous, I have had to switch "guys/gals" several times over the past couple of years since they keep moving or deciding that they want to go into another profession. I'm o.k. with the one I have now and she, fortunately, isn't crazy expensive but she's new and we just had our third experience together. She's getting more comfortable with me and my pickiness but, it's always a challenge to "train" someone new. Tell Christian that even though my hair is only slighly longer than his, there is no way I would trust my hair to someone that only charges $18.00. In my book, that's a trainee and, it's not happening for me.


hmm.. so... who is this gal you speak so highly of? I need to know! My hair is downright unruly since I've moved to Texas. My hair + humid Texas air DO.NOT.MIX. into a beautiful combination. So, what's it gonna take miss K??? I see that your gal can't be bribed, but I'm going to trust that YOU can!! Help a fellow frizz head out!


Hmmmm.. Jen - I'll have to think about it. ; )


well don't think too hard -- the rain isn't helping the Humid Helmet I am sporting!


"Humid Helmet"? THAT is funny and I just might have to steal it.


You don't have to steal it -- I'll give it to you (for the right price). Heh Heh Heh... all I need is a single name, a nice little recommendation, a phone call. You know? wink wink


I haven't had a hair cut, not to mention a profession color, in months because I don't have a 'gal' of my own....or the ample funds it takes to get a good cut and color in this town. sigh. You're so lucky, LM.

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