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Oct. 15, 2009

Flu Vaccine

As most people who know me well know that I don’t get myself or my kids vaccinated for the flu (bring on the boos).

My personal reasons include that I feel getting the flu is part of life and when one gets it, if they’re healthy they should recover just fine.

Flu vaccine ingredients scare me. What they can do to children scares me.

The swine flu for children kinda scares me but not as much as a hastily made vaccine does.

I had the swine flu a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t much more than a mild irritant to my usual daily routine. I didn’t exercise, I slept a bit more than usual and ate slightly less.

Took Tamiflu. Done. I’m fine. My kids didn’t even get it.

So, having said that I’ve been debating (with myself) whether to get my just turned three year old daughter Julia a seasonal flu vaccine.

My brain says 'no' but my gut says 'yes'.

Reason being is that she and I will be traveling to Seattle in a few weeks and being on the tube-o-germ for several hours along with simply being in an airport, kinda makes me uneasy.

Plus, Julia has unable to rid herself of her germy thumb sucking habit either.

For some reason I decided to ‘discuss’ this with her.

Here is the conversation verbatim:

Me: "Julia, can mommy get you a shot in order to keep you from getting sick?"

Julia: "No, it will hurt."

Me: "Yes, baby it will hurt for just a second, like a pinch and then it’s all over."

Julia: "I said no because it will hurt."

Me: "But Julia, do you understand that getting sick could mean feeling yucky for several days but getting the shot is quick and easy. Again, just like a pinch."

Julia: "Why do you keep talking mommy?" (she got that from Alec as he often says that) "I already said no and that means no."

Me: "How about the flu mist? It’s just a quick swab in your nose. Would you prefer that or the shot?"

Julia: "I said no."

Me: "Let’s say you had to choose one, which would it be."

Julia: (Sighing) "O.k. I’ll take the shot."

Me: "Really? You’ll take the pinch and be o.k. with it? It might hurt for a second." (shouldn't I have shut up after she said she'd take the shot?)

Julia: (Looking at me clearly annoyed) "I... said.. I’ll... take... the... shot... O.K.?"

I’m not sure why I even bring things up with my kids, it’s not like I’m giving them a choice but apparently it seems like I am. They get to feel they are making the decision and that makes them happy.

Or, maybe it’s like interrogating a witness. They get so beat down by the repeated questions, they finally just give in and give you the answer they think you want to hear.

We’ll see what happens when we actually go get the shot. And that’s assuming I don’t change MY mind by then.

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Hey Kristine! She is old enough to get the Flue "nose spray" if she wants. jack prefers that to the shot. However, this year we did shots for all 3 kids. John and I still need to get ours. I do agree about the swine flu shots...vaccine was made way to quickly for me to try it or use my children as guinnea pigs!


I don't usually get shots for me or my family, but this year I am starting to reconsider. My usual reasoning is that if so many other people get the vaccine, then I don't need to because I (hopefully) won't be exposed. This has generally been the case, but this year I'm starting to feel differently. Maybe it's just all the media hype, but I want to make sure I do the right thing for my kids especially. Ya know?


How about this: You tell Julia she doesn't have to get the shot if she agrees to stop sucking her thumb.

Load up on vitamins, anti-viral wipes, drink loads of water the entire tip north and viola! No flu.


Well all - I never made it to the doctor today, maybe tomorrow? Or??


Seattle, eh??! Yep, come here. But get the flu shot first. :)


Any hot lights and deprivation of liquids during that interrogation? Just curious!

I haven't had a flu shot in many years but, given the amount of time I have been, and will be on planes over the next several months, I'm also reconsidering. Lately I feel as if I'm holding my breath the majority of the time I'm in the air to avoid breathing in what people around me are sneezing, wheezing and coughing into the already stale air. Plus, we keep hearing "scare tactic" reports on the news about people, who are otherwise healthy, actually dying from this stuff. Just got back from San Diego and there was a local news report about a young girl, (6 or 7), that just died from it. Seems weird to me.

Bottom line, follow your gut and just get here safely. Can't wait to see you two and I want you both to arrive healthy and happy.

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