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Sep. 15, 2009

More to Love

Less than two months after my last confession, I'm at it again.

This time is a little different however.

Tonight is the two hour finale of More to Love.

I've been addicted to this reality show from the get go.

Twenty 'voluptous' women are all vying for Luke, a burly 26 year old real estate developer which to the gals delight, is looking for a full-figured woman to be his life mate.

What was so sweet in watching these dates unfold from the beginning was finding that several of the woman had never been on a date.

They were more than thrilled to get to dress up, feel pretty and sexy and know that a man was not focused on their size, rather in getting to know them.

The only odd thing I found was at the beginning, each of the women's weight was listed along with their ages and occupations.

Not sure why their exact scale reading was necessary as we got it: they're full-figured.

But again, I will hunker down for the two hour finale tonight with full anticipation as to who is final choice will be.

Then, I've really got to get to work on coming up with my own reality show idea.

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I'm watching too!!! I'm so very curious as to who he is going to choose, as these two girls are worlds different!!!!!!!


Good grief! I've never even heard of this show!


Me too!!! I love the show but have missed the last couple since I've been traveling. I did catch on who the 2 remaining are and I really like them both. I also agree that it was absolutely heartbreaking that some had never been on a date. And it was obvious that some who had dated or been in relationships had been mistreated by jerks that they were with because they didn't think they could get a good guy. It was so rereshing to see non-size 2 women that didn't think they "were all that" and most of them were very humble and sweet. The bathing suit date episode was particularily heart wrenching and I wanted to reach out and tell them that many women, regardless of their size, deal with the exact same anxiety and fear about baring it all in front of others.

I absolutely agree with LM's comment about posting their weight for all to see. What was the point? Can't wait to see the finale.

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