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Sep. 7, 2009

Least Stressful City To Live In

I always find it interesting when I read articles about the best city for singles, or worst city for unemployment, housing price drops etc.

It seems one article says you must live in city 'X' due to the wonderful employment opportunites and then the next month it says you can't possibly live there you moron as you don't quite fit the perfect demographic.

When my husband and I were researching where we wanted to live and raise our family, and decided Seattle for us (11th most stressful city), certainly wasn't it, we kept coming up with Austin as the end all perfect answer.

My only intitial problem with that was that it was in the state of TEXAS and no way in H*LL was I going to live in TEXAS.

Apparently there was a way in H*LL and now that we live here, we love it beyond belief.

I still frequently find 'best and worst' articles that typically place Austin in the 'best' category.

It happened again and I agree so much with this one, I just had to talk about it.

In looking at 'quality of life' factors ie. cost of living, unemployment rate, number of sunny days per year, air quality etc.

The most stressful cities were identified and found that out of the 40 they ranked, Austin was the LEAST.

No surprise to me. I have never lived in such a stress-free place in my life.

I always wonder how come everyone doesn't live here (and as fellow resident Sandra Bullock recently stated to Vanity Fare - it's a secret that she's hoping won't get out (don't quote me on that as I've already tossed my magazine) and the only thing I can think of, is that yes, it is in TEXAS.

I guess if everyone did discover the secret, it wouldn't be so 'low stress' for too much longer.

So, unless you're my friend and/or an incredibly nice, laid back person, please don't move here.

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I agree! I'm torn because I want to tell EVERYONE what a cool place we live in, but don't want them coming en masse. Quite the conundrum!


Your secret is safe with me.


Hah! Kristine, you detailed (and provided substantiated proof) my "I live in Austin, not Texas" mantra. However, I can't keep it secret (sorry Lisa). I must share this with some people.


I think Seattle used to be laid back and stress free back in the day my parents moved here from the east in 1978. Then along came the rest of the country/world and so the rat race began. However, I think it's way more stress free than the east coast...where I continue to consider as a landing place.

Now a Caribbean Island...there's stress free. Nothing actually ever gets done, but no one really cares that much :)


P.S. I am thinking if you really wanted me there, you would have found me a fantastic job by now :)


@wander woman - we tried, but all the 'lounging on the back of a speed boat drinking cocktails' jobs were taken. ;-)


WW - yeah, we looked hard for you but with your requirements - pretty much impossible. : )


What requirements?? I just need a yard for Ace, friendly people, (i.e., dudes), and of course, an airport close by for work. So, get crackin and find me a cheap, but awesome, house within 10 minutes of downtown Austin and I'll start packing. (O.k., you're right, maybe I do have a few requirments.)


WW - mean't Wander Woman's requirements not yours! : )

Plus, you know yours are already met - now get your butt down here and enjoy!
1. Yard for Ace - check
2. Friendy People (dudes) - check
3. Cheap, awesome house with 10 min of dt - check

Start packing.


well its not anymore... here in 2013. Its now one of the MOST stressful cities to live in thanks to everyone moving to this "SMALL" city. It's now way overpopulated, has DOUBLED in population and my family is wanting to move. And as the writer wrote above., please only move here if you are nice and friendly.... well it didn't happen. Most of the out of state people are RUDE drivers, rude in general, and have made it a totally different place. Every heard of "Drive Texas Friendly"... probably not, because it no longer exists. I'm one of the only native Texans left here thanks to it and articles talking about how awesome it is. It is no more. We will be leaving. All of the people moving here can have it, it's ruined. You can't even enjoy the fun things (ACL, SXSW, etc) because there are too many people there to even do it anymore or see anything. Sad.

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