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Aug. 26, 2009


I experienced a bit of a mishap if you will with regard to my ridiculously thorough and extensive investigation of children’s backpacks.

As Alec has not needed a backpack before (in his prior school, they were ‘prohibited’) I, as usual over thought the hell out of it conducted an extensive research project in order to find the perfect one.


Pockets, zippered and non zippered
Varied sizes of each compartment
Mesh compartments
Insulated areas
Nice, padded straps
Lack of cartoon characters

Being able to sell it to him as his only request was SPIDERMAN.
(WTF? Everyone knows I’m a solid color gal and I needed a way to direct him away from Spiderman).

And most importantly, coordination with his clothing, shoes, hair color and lunch box.

Kidding. Sort of.

After months of analysis and extensive evaluation with many options, (and with approximately two weeks prior to school starting), I found the ‘perfect’ backpack.

I beautifully labeled it and then carefully calculated where each item would go. The lunch box, water bottle, folder, extra set of clothes, snack, towel all had their own perfect spots in the various compartments within the bag.

It reminded me of the various handbags and diaper bags I’ve had in the past. Everything has its own little bag niche.


Unfortunately, I forgot one crucial consideration:

Child usability and practicality

On day one of school, I helped him unload his items, and showed him where to put them. Snack bag, lunch box, Towel, extra set of clothes, water bottle, folder etc.

On day two of school, I asked him to unload it himself.

After fumbling with the numerous pockets, zippers, hidden compartments, sub compartments, handles, he threw it down and firmly stated “I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING IN THIS BACKBACK!

So, I went to the grocery store and bought a cheapie $9.00 one with only ONE section and ONE zipper.

On day three, he quickly and successfully unloaded his backpack.

I think there is some dumb moral to this story, but I can’t quite admit it.

And don't even get me started with the 'lunchbox' research I conducted.

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heelairous!! spoken like a true "first time" mom! no worries, my friend, we've all made silly mistakes. Live and learn, eh?

(and now you know why so many kids have those stupid Spiderman/Spongebob/HannahMontana backpacks!)


Oh MG! That is toooo funny!!!!!
Ha! Sis - what can I say?

Love you guys!
R & B


This made me laugh - I personally have the same problem with handbags - one big section, one zip is the best.


Seriously, you've got to quit thinking like a girl when dealing with your little boy. You do kill me, though.


Wow, this takes me back to the days when my son insisted on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on everything, including his underwear!!! I think I would have preferred Spiderman.

If Alec is anything like Joel, at some point he will rebel and start looking like a homeless, but happy, bum. But don't worry, Joel snapped out of it and now truly cares about his appearance, at least, most of the time. Although, I haven't checked his underwaear drawer lately. Couild still be some Ninja Turtles luking in there.


The Ninja Trainer says, "Thank you". ;)

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