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Jul. 27, 2009

The Bachelorette

Apparently I am a broken record. I repeatedly say I'm not going to watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette EVER AGAIN!

And then I watch it again, only to be disappointed.

Actually, I'm not exactly sure what would make me happy when the final rose is extended (or in the case of Austin's own Brad Womack, withheld).

I always feel so let down.

Probably nothing. This show has got me psychologically roped in and it p*sses me off.

So, here I am all excited and anxious about tonight's final episode.

I plan to settle in with a nice glass of wine, turn off the phone, put the kids to bed early and face the sad fact.

I'm addicted.

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Crap!!!!! Me too.


Addicted...that's an under-statement. I have spent hours surfing the web on a weekly basis to get the "inside" scoop before it airs. I can't stand the anticipation. I ask myself WHY? Why do I embarrassingly plan my life around this show? I know, I know...this show is just a modern day soap opera, and yes...I admittedly watched All My Children in the Bookie at WSU daily at noon with everyone else. I even planned my class schedule around it. So I guess things haven't changed much. A good smutty soap opera, a horribly written romance novel that sucks me in, or The Bachelorette....all the same. Count me in!


The guys are good looking and it's fun to watch and remember what it feels like to be dating! After almost 20 years of marriage a little romance even if it's someone elses is a nice reminder of how that feels :-)

Go Reid or maybe Ed but not Kyptin(stupid name and big ears)



THAT is funny! Trying to get the inside scoop! I kinda did that too by reading almost all of Jillian's 1300+ comments (at the time, last week) on her blog when I sick one day.....yikes.

Shannon - Reid? Do you know something you'd like to fill me in on? Do you think he's coming back???? Love Reid. But Ed? He kinda slimes me out a bit.

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