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Jul. 8, 2009

Pool Progress

The pool is getting very close to completion!

The now outdated as I'm just now getting to writing this post and we're actually already swimming in our new pool latest pictures of the pool are below.

Maybe it's because I'm still high on cloud nine about actually getting my own pool but I've found this whole 'pool building' process extremely interesting.

I think I want to build pools now.

Not really but...

This whole 'activity' has been amazingly easy and I'm thrilled with the results so far.

Everything but the landscaping is done and will be shown in the next (and last, I promise) pool post.

Here are the latest pics if you're interested:

Applying the 'Pebble Sheen' plaster. My kids wanted to zip line on it. I said 'Um...probably not'.

Laying the 'Sundeck' onto the concrete

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So, when do we get the photos of you chillin and floating around in the pool with your icey "beverage" in hand?


Okay, I seriously need to find that high paying job so I can take a long weekend and come splash around in your pool! I said August, but...that HPJ hasn't come along yet :( Enjoy!


Cool, Kristine. Now your neighbors are going to be super jealous - maybe they'll have a new pool soon!
Enjoy your hot weather. After a hot week (for us), it has cooled off and we've had little sprinkles of rain but not enough for what we need. Can't seem to get the weather just right!
Love to all.


WLW, probably never as I refuse to be photo'd in a bathing suit.

Sonja - don't forget 'everythings bigger in Texas' ie. most of my neighbors already have pools and they're bigger than mine!


Hi Kristitne, Congrats on the pool. I hope you're getting to use your pool often enough...we haven't during the day as the water is just too hot (I know it may sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not). But the water is at 95. Granted that's cooler than our current temp in Austin. If you need a ref for a pool care company let me know. Our home builder provided us a list of contracters for almost every area...and our pool builder gave us the 1st month of pool care for free and he happens to be the lowest in cost. I thought caring for the pool was too much work with 2 kids and a husband who occasionaly travel. I'd love to come see it one day. As well as you to come over to see ours...
Enjoy the pool!
Your neighbor in RHO, from Seattle too


I'd love to come see it one day.

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