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Jul. 22, 2009

Happy 40th

My darling husband turned 40 years old today.

Finally. I never really liked being older than him (not cougar older) which I can't change but at least his wife isn't 40 something while he was still in his 30's any longer.

I guess it will be a different story when I turn 50. Oh, but that's a LONG way away. It IS.

I decided to scan (which took about 15 hours) the pictures we have on-line in order to have a nice compliation of pictures of Christian.

As I've known him for about 25% of his life, I've finally completed the compilation and whittled it down to oh, 125 pictures or so.

I met Christian in early 2000.

It was much quicker to add them to Flickr which I've done. Here they are in chronological order!

Happy birthday sweetheart! We love you insanely.

Kristine, Alec and Julia

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Happy Birthday Christian!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Hope to see you guys again soon -and now that you have a ...... pool - something new to come and check out!!!

R & B


Hi, Christian,
A very happy birthday to you! I loved the pictures, especially the one with the flower on your nose and the painted fingernails - way to go! We wish you a wonderful long life ahead of you. Just keep in mind that the next 40 years will go by a lot faster than the first 40. Enjoy them all.
Love, Sonja and Clint


Happy Birthday, Christian! Enjoy your day doing something fabulous and wild. OK, just enjoy your day...let's be real. You're FORTY after all.


Great job with the photos, LM!


Finally, now I can consider you "real" adult. Although, maybe that's not such a good thing.

Hope you have a great B-day and wish I could see the pics but I'm on the road so, will chack them out when I get home this week-end. Bet I have a few good ones I could have added but for now, they're. In my secret place and will be used when I need a BIG favor from you.


Hi everyone, and thanks for all your kind words. Fortunately, I have these words to guide me:

"Life begins on your 40th birthday. But so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times."


Hey Christian!

Thought I would wish you a Happy Belated 40th Birthday! Hope it was smashing! Welcome to the 40 something club! The pictures are wonderful and you all look fabulous!

Miss you guys!

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