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Jun. 15, 2009

Swimming Pool Progress - f/k/a, Life Is Good

Thankfully the pool is coming along nicely as it's 100 degrees lately and the neighborhood pools are getting waaaay overcrowded.

After my husband and I returned Sunday from our lovely 7th anniversary weekend 20 hours away, we took the kids to one of the neighborhood community pools.

I really couldn't see the water in any of the three pools at 'Bella Mar' as there were so many kids, parents, birthday party participants, swim instructors, grandparents, lifeguards, floatation devices and frighteningly possible though I can't prove it, a lot of pee.

Randy the pool god man, still says the 4th of July is Swim at Chez Watson Day. If we don't melt or succumb to heat stroke, we'll be more than ready.

I've got a ton as I'm still out on the deck waving to the pool chaps, snapping away pics, drinkie in hand like a tipsy tourist a few new pics to show the progress.

Laying the rebar

Rebar completed

Some plumbing

Spraying the gunite

Forming the hot tub

Pool form completed

Weird view from inside the pool

Beginning to add the Flagstone coping

Flagstone on the tub

Adding the tile


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Very nice KO!


It's looking great!


Wow, Kristine, it looks great! I have a hunch once the pool is finished, your family will be living in it! I think that would be the ultimate. Your backyard is going to be beautiful (not that it isn't already) once the pool is all done and ready to go. Will be anxious to see the finished results.
Love, Sonja


Actually (Kristine doesn't know this yet), we're just going to use it to keep our fish. Gonna get some big uns!


I LOVE the fish idea, Christian. I think you should make it a "natural" environment that allows human and fish to enjoy the same space and thrive. Yeah, it may get a little slimey and goopy, (fish poo, and all), but what a great learning experience for the young 'uns. They can watch and track the progress of baby hatchlings from birth until you fry 'em up in the pan!!! Your own personal science project.

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