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Apr. 2, 2009

Office Space

Finally. I broke into the office to write!

Since my husband, son Alec and I returned from our week in Seattle, I've been ousted from my, I mean our, now Christian's home office.

Christian's new job (that kept us in Austin at least) is 'temporarily' based out of our house. Um.

This means several things:

1. We need to get our morning 'routine' worked out. e.g. Christian moseys in to the kitchen while the 'getting kids ready and off to school process' is in full swing.

Not so good.

I'm shoveling something, anything, into my mouth at the sink while barking orders nicely requesting that the kids brush their teeth, get dressed, don't even think of touching the t.v. etc. while Christian comes in to the kitchen and gets a nice bowl of cereal and coffee and plops down comfortably, magazine or iphone in hand to read the news.

This makes the kids go nuts. They are so excited that daddy is here that they can't seem to focus. This makes us late. And mommy frustrated.

2. The computer/office 'issue'. Christian is on the computer from 8:00am to 6:00pm for work, has dinner and then hits the office again for several hours of 'gaming'.

I'm going to have to get up at 4:00am just to use the computer.

There's a few other 'conflicts' with this system but you get the idea.

Christian's company is based out of California and have been more than willing to rent Christian some office space nearby. He'll certainly need it when he gets his team hired.

Christian says "No hurry, not a priority".

I say "Why wait?".

I think my strategy is going to have to involve making a lot of racket, cutting the A/C off in the office and/or ensuring there is no coffee or food in the house. Maybe then it will become a priority.

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Have to admit, I was wondering how the working from home process was going to go with you guys. Since I do it myself, and I kind of know your routine, I knew it would take some "flexibility". Glad you got to stay in the place that you love though, and really, isn't this a small price to pay for that?


Eeeek! Kristine, it's time to buy a laptop! I can sympathize with your frustration. When we got our computer, I was thinking "my" computer - I was the one who did all the writing, etc. Then, hubby learned a thing or two and now, when he's on it, it kind of ticks me off. I think of the TV as "his" - which is fine since the only show I watch is Jeopardy. Sometimes, I think we should get another computer but he says he's not on it that much. But, you, to be put on hold for hours on end, that's going over the top! I'm totally on your side!!!!! Let me know how this comes out.

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