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Mar. 2, 2009

The Bachelor

After every season of The Bachelor, I swear I'm never watching it again.

Then, I watch it again.

So, here we are with just a few short hours to go until 'The most dramatic rose ceremony ever' will finally give us our answer.

Mellisa or Molly. Or DeAnna maybe? None of them?

Along with the finale is the hour-long "After the Final Rose" bit.

If I lose three hours of my life tonight with an unsatisfactory result - I am NOT watching this show again.

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I love the Bachelor! I hear he picks Melissa, then dumps her on the After the Rose show and is now with Molly. I think he finds out the Melissa lied to him and he can't stay with her. I liked Jillian - she seemed mature and normal! What was with Molly's family??

Maybe he wants Deanna back?


Dominique's school principal went to Jr. High with the bachelor - he's totally a local Kirkland boy!



I'm sure we probably know someone who dated him!

I can't believe how excited I am for tonight. I hate myself for that!; )


Hey LM, Regardelss of tonight's outcome, I know you too well. You'll be a sucker, I mean, you'll be a loyal viewer and watch it next season too.

I'm sad that he didn't pick Jillian too but she'll be a great bachlorette. The word on the street here, (Seattle), is that he picks Melissa but boots her for Molly. I also know someone who knows him and they were told that if the final choice leaks out, Jason has to pay the show $1 mil. Pretty scary and definitely a motivator to keep ones mouth shut.


I cannot believe I'm sucked into this either. I just started watching two episodes ago and I'm sucked in. Ugh. The bachelor himself is the most boring individual I've ever witnessed on television...or possibly real life. Does this guy even have a sense of humor? A quick wit? Snooze. How can any of those girls fall in love with him? Here I go...T-minus 40 minutes.


I know how you feel! This season the show pissed me off so much. I do however look forward to seeing the next season since it's a females turn. Also I was so happy to see that Melissa the girl that got dumped is on dancing with the stars!

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