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Mar. 13, 2009

Seattle or Austin?

It was two years ago that my family and I moved from Seattle to Austin.

We researched where in the world we should live based on our two top priorities:

Sun and child friendly/safe.

All of our research pointed to Austin (which initially was a bit shocking - accepting our destiny was actually in the state of Texas).

Along with pouring over library books on Austin, we spent countless hours on-line and I, along with my mom and new baby took a trip to Austin to see if it was 'all that'.

We found it was. We also found that it is considered the 'The Live Music Capital of the World'.

Once we made the final decision, we moved a few weeks later. Put our house on the market and moved our then 3 year old son and 5 month old daughter to the sunshine (and scary bugs) of Austin.

My mom loved Austin so much that she too, moved here.

As many of you know; however, the last 7 + months we’ve been in a state of uncertainty.

Since my husband got his ‘dream job’ in March ’08, said dream job decided to move dream Austin headquarters, to Seattle. Oh, and said dream job’s boss wanted my husband to move to Seattle to run the web department….and we’d find out more details ‘later’.

Hmmmmm…we said as we digested the news (and watched my blood pressure suddenly rise to an uncomfortable and medicating level).

Well, ‘later’ came last week at the same time as another job offer….in Austin.

After carefully weighing both opportunities, we decided to say goodbye to dream job and hello to staying in Austin where we really want to be. In fact, you could say we're still 'infatuated'.

And honestly, it IS a dream living in Austin.

Now, I just have to sneak the built-in backyard pool in without my husband noticing.

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Good for you! Another dream job will appear.....
Hope you and kids are well.


As much as I would have loved having you and the kids, (that includes you too, Christian), back in the Emerald City, I know how much you love Austin so I'm glad it worked out. Also, gives me another reason to come visit one of the coolest places I have ever been. I may have to take another Memorial Day jaunt down your way.

Good luck with that pool!! Any chance you will have it in by May??


Yeah! We're glad your staying in Austin! We want to come back to visit! What is the "other" job?

Hugs to all!
R & B


yeah!!! I'm so glad, been thinking how much I don't miss Seattle weather with all the rain this week. Lets get together soon


Darn, darn, darn!!! We are going to miss you - would love to have you back in this area. But, I'm more glad that it all worked out for you and your family and your mom. It was meant to be! Enjoy that sun and warm weather (even as I notice your temps rising/falling with 30 degree differences during the winter). Just so you'll feel better about it, some of the snow we received last Sunday is still on the ground even tho the temps have been above freezing. But that darn wind (and I love the wind) keeps the air so chilly that it's hard for the snow (which I don't love after having so much of it in my life) to melt. Love and happiness to you all! Sonja


I moved here 10 years ago (my husband grew up in Elgin, a small town outside of here) and I also love it here... of course, don't ask me that question in July. I wonder if the two job offers and decision had come in 110 degree weather if your answer would have been the same? laugh (I really hate the Summers here), but it's a great place for kids and for us after the kids are gone, we think.


Glad things worked out. I can't imagine what it would've been like to get settled in a new place and then have such an enticing opportunity right back where you started. Best of luck on the new job, Christian and new beginnings in the same place (again).

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