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Jan. 13, 2009

True Beauty?

Oh, I just hate when a new reality show comes on that I happen to catch and like. Then I must covertly watch it like a lurking, creepy stalker.

I watched True Beauty the other night and now I’m going to have to ensure I watch it every week, along with The Bachelor, Dr. 90210, Secret Millionaire and The Biggest Loser.

Anyway, I think the new Celebrity Apprentice is going to start up soon too. I'd even bet session 600 of Survivor and America's Next Top Model will be sure to follow.

How am I suppose to fit it all in? Plus, I have FIVE, yes FIVE DVD players, two of which are recordable and none of which actually work, for crying out loud.

Also, Ugly Betty is on Thursdays. What’s a gal to do? I already have to plan kid bedtimes around all of this as living in Central Time, shows come on earlier.

How many times have I said "Alec, you need to be in bed early tonight because The Biggest Loser is on and I refuse to miss it this week you have an early start tomorrow"?

or "Alec, get your teeth brushed as you need to be in bed when Ugly Betty starts in 13 minutes"?

He's pretty much onto me as now he just asks if he can watch Ugly Betty too.

Either this reality fun madness has got to stop, or I’ll be forced to get a life. So not fair.

At least I don't watch The Real Housewives of Orange County or Atlanta. Even I have standards.

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I LOVE the Real Housewifes of Orange County (not Atlanta, can't stand NeNe and the girl with the boyfriend named "Big Poppa" that no one can meet)
the housewives are inspiring me to start tanning and grow my hair longer LOL


Ok, since you started it, I LOVE True Beauty, oh, and since I live in Seattle, totally love Jason and can't wait to see who the new bride is going to be. (Personally, I'm rooting for the Canadian.) But tonight is my big night. Idol is BACK!! Can't wait to see the new judge and to hear Simon's snarky comments. And of course, just counting the seconds until I get to see all of the people willing to humiliate themselves in front of zillions of viewers and then cuss out the judges when they are told the truth about their voices? What could be better than that? Life is good. By the way, I'm with Julia about the Atlanta housewives. Although they are always trying to impress everyone with how "classy" they are, I find them to be pretty trashy and just plain boring.


I'm still working on my reality TV show idea as it seems Americans will truly watch anything!


In the interests of full disclosure, I should point out that the show about the Playboy bunnies, several different HGTV shows, and Extreme Home Makeover, to name but a few, regularly seem to be on in our house too.

Oh, and we do have a recordable DVD player working now, as I set the clock on it for you.


5 I'm perfectly capable (and probably taught you) how to set the clock on the DVD player. Be honest! That was (is) not the problem.


I'll stick with Jeopardy! It's over in 25 minutes and one knows who the winner is. How can anybody watch American Idol? The other night, we watched two segments (while I was trying to read my book) because there was nothing else on. I had never seen it before. The first hour wasn't so bad but the second part, when the audience was to be told which one of the 6 got kicked off the show, took a whole hour and every segment had 5 minutes or more of advertising following it. What frustration! That hour should have been over in 1 1/2 minutes! That's the end of American Idol for me. I guess that's why I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I'd rather play solitaire on the computer!!!


Most of them I don't watch (anymore) but I love House wives of Orange County and just recently watched a marathon of House wives of Atlanta.... the OC makes me laugh cause it's sooo MA and Rusty. They are baby versions of all that image-y stuff. The Atlanta one was just interesting because they are wives of athletes, for the most part, and that's just interesting?? Instant money does such strange things to people. Their homes are like show pieces with Zero personality. But they have the biggest and best...

Survivor is still one of my favorites, but who can sit and watch TV by 8pm... not me. KO-W my kids will wrestle me down if I try to put them in bed by 8... Nick's bigger than me now and Lindsay is just faster. :-)


Sounds like you need a media player hard drive that records tv shows. My wife records everything. You can even record two concurrent shows at the same time! She then watches everything in batches whenever she can.


if you have a fast net connection then you no need to download everything on your hard disk, just got to surfthechannel website and browse through your T.V show and start watching its so simple.

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