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Jan. 4, 2009

The New Year

Ah, so the new year is here. Holidays are over.

It’s always interesting to gear up for the ‘season’ that tends to begin around Labor Day.

The Halloween decorations stock the store shelves about the time school starts and the four months of ‘The Holidays’ begin.

Though it seems like quite a relief once January hits, it also means “Uh oh. Time for change”.

Or at least “What now?”.

Many people resolve to make changes. Stop smoking, lose weight, spend less. Whatever. It seems that a change is in order whatever that may be.

I’ve decided I must write more on this blog as I tend to feel that ‘I’m always behind’.

Its not that I don’t like writing, it’s that I’ve come to feel like I’ve got to produce real ‘zingers’ and that if I don’t, no one will read it. I actually don’t think many people do read this blog, so I’m probably kidding myself.

Anyway, I’ve resolved to wear makeup more often (probably), drink less (I think), cut down on starchy carbs (maybe) and spend less on shoes and handbags (probably not). I’ve also resolved to write more and I will (promise).

Happy New Year.

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Hi Kristine! Happy New Year to you and your family!

I don't write very often - but I promise - I read every entry - and it's always a kick - zingers or no! We're glad things are going so well in TX but we miss you up here in WA!


We look forward to every new entry also. don't stop.


Happy New Year!!! I read your blogs as they are damn funny! Drink less?? LOL Shoes and handbags?? Come on! I know you too well. Love ya!


Good luck, my dear, with your resolutions.

I hope you do write more - I'd be happy to get you up at 6:00 along with me to get an early start on your musings. Just let me know! ;-)


Happy New Year!! I love your words & read this blog all the time. It always makes me smile.


Discipline sucks, doesn't it? But whether you write a little or a lot, it's always good stuff. Keep it coming.

Happy New Year!!


so when do you want to go makeup shopping? my guy at sephora used to be Susan Dell's personal makeup artist, he is amazing, he'll hook you up!


I can relate to your "zinger" comment. I, too, don't think I have many readers, but I think you have a pretty good following! As a writer I recently met on my vacation told me, "keep going."

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