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Jan. 29, 2009

Discussions and Debates

My street savvy 2.39 year old daughter Julia enjoys debating me though, at times, her arguments need a tad bit more strategy and polish.

For example, she has been attempting to convince me why she shouldn’t have to poop in the potty.

Her current approach is based on her size. She claims she is just ‘too little’.

I argue she is plenty ‘big enough’. She usually pees on the pot, so I am unconvinced of the ‘little’ stance.

She has also finally got a respectable amount of hair.

So much so, it gets in her eyes (and I refuse to chop her bangs short) and she refuses to wear any type of barrett.

It’s not like I ask her to don some massive, frilly bow; rather a small, metal clip.

I keep advising her that a clip will keep her hair out of her eyes. She completely rejects my argument and firmly states that she ‘likes it in her eyes’.

So much for that reasoning – she wins.

She does; however, enjoy offering up praise for me which is nice.

I took her to P.F. Changs for lunch. As soon as the car was safely valet parked away, I realized that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea due to her picky-food-eating nature.

Luckily she mistakingly thought the calamari strips were french fries and was more than happy to consume some rice etc.

When we finished our meal, we went into the ladies room.

It was rather darkly lit and very quiet though all the stalls were occupied. When one became available, we entered so we could both do our business.

When it was my turn, Julia (uh….very, very loudly) yelled “Good job, mommy” which generated quite the laughter from our new bathroom friends.

She also looks after my needs. When we sit down for dinner, Julia will ask “Mommy, where’s your wine”?

Good example I’m setting.

I wish she would quit hearing my conversations with Alec as she uses some of the verbage against me.

That’s not what I asked”, “Do you understand?”, “Are you seriously not going to listen to me?”, "Negotiate with me then" and “What is your exercise plan for the day”? have come out of her mouth too many times.

So, though her debating skills sometimes require an additional amount of complexity and refinement, I can pretty much tell already, I’m screwed.

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Funny stuff..."Good job mommy"!


That is hillarious!! I love it :)


Love it! Wait until she turns 14!


Yeah, face were screwed the minute you decided to pro-create. heh heh. Have fun!


Wander Woman - and I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world!

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