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Dec. 2, 2008

Wii & Dialing

Ah.. a lovely four day holiday weekend.

The long weekend included a trip to the Children’s Museum, riding bikes, bundling up (yes, it’s a bit cold here right now) and playing at the park and having a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with friends.

Oh, and of course, Texas hold-em while drinking. For money.

Then Sunday came along and we decided it’d be fun to stay indoors for a bit and play Wii. Alec loves playing Wii, especially Golf and Bowling.

So, after Julia got a bit bored with it, she and I left to play in the play room while the Wii competition between daddy and Alec intensified.

When I’d left, they were neck and neck.

Then, Christian yelled that Alec had called 911. And hung up. Oh sh*t. (Why is there a phone in the media room anyway?)

So, ‘they’ uh…911 called back. Christian advised his 5 year old son had called. And then he hung up, again.

Then the door bell rang (impressive response time I must admit).

After a polite but firm request to view child who called, I screamed like white trash for Alec to get his 5 year old butt downstairs sheepishly called up for Alec to come down…he had visitors.

He turned the corner and saw the two very armed police officers in the foyer and tried to make run for it.

We caught him. Even with the nice requests by the officers to come down stairs, Alec gripped the stair railing like his life depended on it. I think it may have.

After about a 30 minute Alec/police standoff, he surrendered.

Then, the officers gave him what I considered a much too nice lesson on what happens when you call 911 AND THAT HE SHOULD CALL WHENEVER HE EVER NEEDS THEM. Wtf? (I wanted to strangle him silly but thought I'd better wait, at least until the officers left.)

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out my story to the neighbors who had begun to descend on us.

It’s not like there’s any crime in the neighborhood, so the excitement had brought them in droves. The last time our 0% crime ‘hood had police involvement was when the neighbors house burned down.

Then the bored, we have nothing going on but to hang out in your nice neighborhood obviously very busy officers, asked if Alec wanted to check out the police car.

My eyes widened, telepathically begging Alec to say no, when he joyously clasped one of the officer’s hands, skipping off to the damn car.

The officers illuminated the lights and called out Alec’s name on the grill’s intercom. I swear I think they knew how mortified I was at this point, and figured they get me back for allowing Alec to call. Or they were just bored on a Sunday afternoon and thought it was cute.

So, we had a lovely four day holiday weekend. You?

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Oh man, these officers may have created a monster. What kid wouldn't be calling 911 all the time after that episode? Hmmm...come to think of it, maybe it's a good way to get a date. Alec may have given me an idea...


Hmmm, I like where you were going with that, Wander Woman. "Accidentally" dial 911? Potentially cute officers? A little temporary boredom relief? Wonder if can teach my dog, no no! That would be just wrong, wouldn't it?

But, here's the BIG issue. You have a Wii and I don't. You're killing me.


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