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Dec. 15, 2008


What IS going on?

First off, as I recently droned on about how we live in this insanely safe neighborhood, we end up with a murder right here at our brand new swanky neighborhood steakhouse.

A 27 year old male employee of the restaurant (that just opened up a few weeks ago after many months of construction) with no criminal history, walks up, shoots and kills a fellow employee and disappears.

Apparently there was a disagreement between the shooter and victim the Saturday before when the shooter walked off the job.

My husband and I were also there that Saturday ‘trying out the place’. Good thing he didn’t get pissed off enough to return that night.

They just found his body. Whew.

Secondly, the weather here in Austin is nothing short of bizarre. We were at the park yesterday in shorts and t-shirts and today it’s barely 30 degrees and we’re packing gloves, ski jackets and scarves.

It will be 80 this Saturday. How is one supposed to dress? It’s so random.

Thirdly, my husband and I are coming up on our 7 year wedding anniversary. I thought to test out his ‘itch potential’, I’d quiz him on some simple facts about me, like height, school, major in college etc.

I knew to stay away from weight or itch quiz would promptly end.

Unfortunately, he got one very serious question wrong.

I thought I was generously providing a ‘gimme’ by asking him the easy question of “What color are my eyes?”.

He confidently said “Brown”.

They’re green.

What next?

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Hey, Kristine, that's not too bad. We've been married 46 years and Clint still pronounces my first name incorrectly! I don't think he knows the color of my eyes either! And he thinks I'm unobservant - men!!!!!


Funny!! Christian! Naughty and right before Christmas too. Hope for a good stocking from the elf wife. LOL


Awww, my heart sort of goes out to Christian. I'm afraid that's the sort of mistake I'd probably make. But what I'm really wondering is how Sonja's husband is pronouncing her name? How do you get that wrong?



I too am wondering how else one can pronounce Sonja? Hard "J" or something?

Wander Woman - don't feel too sorry for him! Plus, he didn't get 'in trouble', I merely looked at him, disappointedly - or something.


Yeah, that steakhouse thing was weird. I'm a little further away than you, but still... eep.

Okay, and the weather. I am going NUTS this year. The A/C can be on during the day and an hour later, we are switching it to heat. ARGH!!!

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