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Nov. 2, 2008

Toddler's Heads - Warning

So, we all get that my darling two year old Julia is a bit rough, quite athletic, fearless, won’t hesitate to bite if necessary and, as mentioned before, will kick Alec’s a** for little to no reason.

Remember Alec’s written plea to Julia?

But now, Mommy is pissed.

Oh, and not just due to Julia stripping off her clothes and taking a steamy dump on the carpeted floor of the gym's child care area last week (didn’t anyone notice that she was naked? ) but because she actually has proceeded to do a bit more damage.

She broke mommy’s nose. Badly.

Not having broken a bone in all 43 years of my life, I had no idea the unsettling sound (oh and feeling) of having a facial bone violently crushed.

I also had no idea the damage the back of a flailing toddler’s head can do.

Oddly, my husband was videotaping us wrestling around and caught the disturbing event on tape.

I also had no idea the quality (and volume) one can procure at the sound of a fracturing bone even at a taping distance of 10-12 feet.

Add in two screaming and laughing children and I'm more than impressed. And sickened a bit.

Maybe I should rethink the Bumper Bonnet.

So, I go back to the doctor on Friday to find out if I get a new nose.

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OMG... I can just feel it. I am so surprised my nose never broke, but it had to have come close more than once.

That is a hard one that every parent experiences. It must be why God makes our toddlers so darn adorable!! Otherwise we might just sell them off to the highest bidder ;-)

What is it with little sisters?



You poor thing! I've been lucky enough not to have ever had a broken bone either...guess I better steer clear of your kid so I can keep it that way :)


Hey Kristine!
Sorry to hear about the nose. Hope you are feeling better. I can tell you that I have broke my nose two sucks! The doctors told me you break it again it will stay that way! So I guess I should avoid Cassidy's potential "head butts". Maybe I should look into the Bumper Bonnett too! Good Luck!


Sorry to hear about your nose! Ouch! I can totally feel your pain...I too have broken my nose...Twice! Yes 2 times! It SUCKS! The Dr.s said if I break it one more time it will more than likely stay that way! Can you imagine! I guess I will try to avoid the potential headbutts from Cassidy. Or maybe purchase a Bumper Bonnett!!! Good luck I feel for you.

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