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Nov. 11, 2008

Airports and Grocery Stores

It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that’ moments when I read an article on about designating airport security lines for families. I’m sure families and those travelling solo will both be thrilled.

Now, if only the airlines could figure out a way to place changing tables (which consists merely of a pull-down piece of plastic) in ALL planes. Recall item #4 during my move flight to Austin.

On a slightly different note, as child-friendly as Austin is with regard to numerous child activities, classes, groups, outings, parks, pools etc, it remains a mystery to me why one very important parent convenience has been overlooked.

The child care at the supermarkets. Why is this non-existent here?

In Seattle, you could saunter in to many (smart) grocery stores with your 2+ year old, sign him/her in with the nice old grandmother volunteer - who pretty much stripped searched and fingerprinted you before you could even drop off your child - and then go about some peaceful grocery shopping.

(Pick-up was a more intensive interrogation process but at least you knew your kid could never be stolen)

No rushing, shoving raisins or other snacks at them, buying crap you don’t need while forgetting what you did need and playing 52 item pickup off the floor due to your kid’s incessant need of pitching all the reachable items from your cart overboard.

No, you could read labels, scan mags, have a cup of coffee and if you were at the best of them, sit and have lunch. Alone.


Maybe that will happen here in Austin about the time we get a sufficient number of Starbucks drive-throughs so I don’t have to haul a*s 30 minutes to get my Joe without unloading the troops.

Neither can occur fast enough for me.

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Talk to the manager at your favorite groc. He seems unresponsive? Have all your mommy friends speak to him. Write a letter to the editor. You can make things happen! Course, as soon as it happens, you'll be moving back to Seattle anyway :)


What is WITH the drive-thru Starbucks problem? As I recall, you are up NW too (I'm in Anderson Mill). I think the closest one is on freaking Parmer. It's crazy. I'm not a huge Starbucks fan, but seriously. (Best Vanilla Chai Latte is at Triumph Cafe though)


Childcare in supermarkets! We in England count ourselves lucky (or not,depending on your view) just to have supermarkets instead of dinky little corner grocery stores. We even have a few 24 hr ones now. Our stores are too busy using space to sell stuff and as for volunteers - never! Volunteers like to do stuff for the needy, not for Mums shopping sans kids. A clip round the ear worked for keeping my 2 under control when I went shopping.


Ha! Jo, you are too funny!

You know the store is the real one who benefits, as we have much more time to buy more! Plus, I think the little old ladies like playing with kids. (They don't change diapers!).

btw, what is an ear clipping exactly?? : )


I think they should have childcare at all high end department stores like Nordstrom, Saks and Neimans. I would spend at least twice as much if I didn't have the kids and the stroller to deal with!


Childcare in supermarkets! “why didn’t I think of that’!!!

We don't have that in Australia. That should be an absolutely must. In fact, how about child care in shopping centers??? aaha! caching!

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