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Oct. 9, 2008


A very, very, very rare political comment. By me.

I’m not one who would ever put up a political sign in a front yard or place a bumper sticker announcing my political prefrences on my car though I may chat about politics after x glasses of wine, only to those who know me…well.

In fact, I’ve been so ‘center’ most of my life, it may be somewhat hard to believe I’ve always voted one party.

I’m ‘so not political’ I’ve preached numerous times.

I actually despise political rhetoric and feel all politicians are, well pretty much full of rhetoric.

So, oddly enough, I was watching another presidential debate the other night and what struck me most was not necessarily what the candidates were saying but how tired they looked. (with the exception of the inordinate amount of times McCain said “my friends” which was irritating.)

I wondered, why would John McCain want to put himself through this at this point in his life? He seems like a nice man, obviously has a lot of political experience and was put through the wringer as a P.O.W.

He’s 72, a bit physically impaired and what appears to be just simply tired.

I was watching him and thought “Why not enjoy your golden years? You deserve it. Why play this political game? Why"??

I’m tired and I’m only 42.9 with two kids.

Why not hit the golf course for a few holes and then chummy up to a double scotch?

It isn’t like John McCain appears full of energy for his age. He doesn’t. He looks – beat.

And Obama. He’s smart, handsome and what appears to be a great dad. If he becomes president will he truly be able to maintain the life he currently lives? Maybe he doesn’t want to maintain the current status quo. Does he feel he can and will do both?

Sarah Palin? You’re no dumb*ss. Do you really want to do this or does one pretty much have to accept a VP nomination invite? You seem kinda busy to me; time for all this?

Biden? Snore.

Politics is such a funny game. One I certainly don’t want to play but wonder, why do some? Is there something of a higher power that takes over that make folks yearn for political awarness?

Political greatness? Making a difference?

And, do they really feel they are making a difference? Sadly, the President doesn’t exactly have much power without Congress, so why put oneself through this?

Maybe I’m just too lazy but I’d feel better if two people I didn’t like were running. Then I wouldn’t really care.

Fortunately, I do know who I'm voting for. Now, let's just get this over with so we can get back to good 'ol non-political reality tv.

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I couldn't agree more and I feel that it takes a very driven person to want to put himself, and his family, through the rigors of any political campaign these days. I watch the debates, commercials and sound bites from the rallys and it has all gotten so vicious and personal, with McCain being the worst violator. I keep asking myself, when are they actually going to answer the questions being asked by the voting public? I do think Obama has done a better job of trying to keep it a "fair fight" and as you said, it's not as if they have that much power anyway. I want to believe that whether or not I agree with their politcal positions, the botton line, and reason for all the rhetoric is because each individual candidate truly believes that they can bring positive change to our country. Either way, right out of the gate the "winner??" is going to have a huge hurdle to deal with as a result of the economic disaster Bush has helped create. I wouldn't be surprised if about now both candidates are thinking that retiring to golf and a double scotch is sounding pretty good.


Yea, Kristine!
I think it's the media's fault that we have had this year and a half in-your-face presidential campaign 24/7. I think we the people have to stand up and say "No More!" We need to get some laws in place where a presidential campaign only can be in effect for 6 weeks before the election. That each candidate cannot spend more than X number of dollars. And, that none of the candidates can bad-mouth the others! All this sleaze is demeaning to both candidates (and US citizens too) and it should not be put up with.
I'm totally with you on McCain - it must be his ego. Personally, I do not see him surviving a whole term (if he should win, hopefully not)and I cannot even imagine Sara Palin running the United States! UGH!!!! You can see where my politics lie. It will be so good to have this election over with.


As for the president not being able to make much of a difference, take a look at the mess the current one has got this country into and I think you'll get an answer to that question.

As well as the individual himself there are all the top-level positions for which he makes the appointments. The president can make an especially big difference here.


The president has little to do with the economy. The congress, whose majority is the opposite party, makes the rules we must live by. Those are the ones who SHOULD be blamed for the mess this country is in.

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