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Oct. 23, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

Every year my husband asks what I want for my birthday and I say the same thing:

I want a Sea-Doo. I want to go wave running. If I can’t have my very own, I’d like to rent one for a couple of hours and speed ridiculously fast on Lake Travis or Austin.

He laughs and I get my card and usually a lovely dinner. (or in the case of the odd year, I received a beautiful charm bracelet from Tiffany in a NON-Tiffany box. WTF? Did he not know that the Tiffany box/bag is just as much of the gift as the actual gift? Apparently not. He wanted to surprise me)

Since it was last Sunday and the weather was perfect, he didn't laugh.

Though he should could have rented two for our family of four which would have made sense, he stuck to his usual cheap fiscally responsible self and borrowed one. One.

O.k. better than zero – I’m in.

So, we shimmied down to Lake Austin and became one of ‘them’.

I didn’t know what one of ‘them’ was – until now. And I want to be one too.

Those are the folks that have boats, Sea-Doo’s, Jet-skis and other water toys. We finally realized that this is most of the Austinites.

Which informed us as to where everyone is during the hot summer months. We always wondered.

So, after regressing to the age of two, screaming "mine!" and tearing off into the water for an inordinate amount of time, I decided to share like a big girl.

So, I took Alec for a spin.

It was quite cute as my overly-safety conscious son (wonder where he gets that) after a quick test ride, was demanding ‘mommy go faster’ and ‘do jumps’.

“Right on” I said.

Then, my recently turned two year old, afraid of nothing daughter, demanded a ride.

So, I obliged.

She too loved it.

Then I thought I should take my 70 year old, “I can build your house a roof or jump start your car" mom for a spin.

Not such a good idea. I didn’t even hit the throttle when she demanded immediate return to land. O.k.

After my ‘no-ride’ mom took the kids home and with Christian on the back, I sped crazily in order to see, just see, if I could throw him off drove fast but sensibly careful down to the Beach Café where we enjoyed a beer and snack.

It was absolutely great. Thanks love.

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What a wonderful birthday, Kristine! A happy belated one from me! You look great on that thing - you need to put it on your Christmas list! Sounds like the whole family (except Mom) enjoyed that Sea-Doo experience. And even more wonderful was Mom taking the kids so you and Christian could have some "off time." Way to go! Your tan looks great, also. As usual, I love your writing. You should keep all your "columns" and put them in a book for the kids. They will love it. Love to you and family, Sonja


Happy Belated birthday from me too! I know I'm the very bad never call back friend! But I do think of you your beautiful new found Texas! Hope your all doing Great and WELCOME to 43!! Can't beleive it's Hot enough to be in a swim suit in October?!?!

Love the Pics!!


Cool pix and tell the truth, you really could have thrown Christian off had you REALLY tried.

I'll have to come visit so we can do it together. Don't worry, I'll rent my own so that we will have 2 of them.

Oh yeah, and welcome to your almost, you're getting there, mid-40's. At this rate you'll catch up with me very soon.


W - Let's not get ahead of ourselves sister. You will always be in a decade above mine.

(oh, and of course I could have thrown the big guy, but I had to be nice).


Well, a happy belated birthday from your Friday Night Lights castmate. Thanks for keeping me on my toes! Hope to see you again on set.

~ DH

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